wedding photography key tips get great story.

1. Have a plan: Before the wedding, create a timeline and plan out the overall story you want to tell with your wedding photography. This will help you stay focused and organized on the day.

2. Scout the venue: Visit the venue before the wedding and take some test shots to get familiar with the space and the best angles for capturing the action.

3. Capture moments: Focus on capturing genuine emotion and moments rather than just taking posed shots. Look for details, like the brides dress, the rings, and the decorations.

4. Use natural light: Take advantage of natural light when you can to get the most beautiful photos.

5. Take candid shots: Dont just focus on the big moments. Capture candid shots of the guests and small details throughout the day.

6. Take time for portraits: Schedule some time for the bride and groom to have a few romantic shots together.

7. Be creative: Experiment with different angles, framing, and lighting to get creative and unique shots.

8. Have a backup plan: Make sure you have a backup plan in case of bad weather or other unexpected issues.

9. Get to know the couple: Spend some time getting to know the couple ahead of the wedding so you can capture their individual personalities.

10. Have fun: Enjoy the experience and dont be afraid to have fun with it!

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