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Wedding photography: key tips to get a great story

Fail, a fear that every wedding photographer attacks you moments before you start. In a wedding there is no repetition. Having rarely. In a situation where feelings are close to the surface, repeating a gesture or a moment does not usually work. The councils of today, with all humility, are intended for those of you who are starting a difficult business such as wedding photography and other social events. The professional intrusiveness in this field is certainly evident, since the wedding photography has seen how with the crisis many amateurs were embarking on the adventure of becoming professionals in this sector. Watch Here Yabesh Photography Coimbatore Grand Wedding Video

The falling prices of SLR cameras and the rise of CSCs improving their performance make shooting a photo much cheaper than ever, but that does not mean that whoever is behind the camera knows how to make good photographs, since photography is not just image quality: it is much more. For that reason, and without entering into debates about the intrusiveness, so much if you are a professional that is initiating in this world as if you are the one in charge to do some photos to some friends in their wedding, we give you next a series of very useful tips about what you can (and also about what you should not) do in a wedding report.

Technical aspects to consider

Planning everything will make you fail less, although on more than one occasion you will surely have to improvise. But knowing what to do in the face of possible unforeseen events is fundamental and here comes discipline and order. Having your team ready will enable you to successfully face the challenge of wedding photography.

It has several fast cards, large capacity and reliable. Therefore, a well-known brand usually results better and gives fewer problems. It is not unusual that at some point a card fails you. If this happens and you have the option of two slots or slots in your camera, apply the backup option in the second slot. It is highly unlikely, but better to be farsighted.

Most professionals use two cameras so that, in the unlikely event that the main camera fails, they can continue working with the second. Sometimes, due to budget issues, the second camera is more normal. So you know, if you can, use two cameras.

Another basic issue related to the previous one is that it is always better to have at least two photographers to cover the event by providing different angles at the same time or covering different situations that occur at the same time. For example, while one deals with the couple, the partner may be photographing the reaction of the attendees.

Whether you are going to use flashes or not, remember to have all the batteries ready (those of the flashes and those of the camera). Always all prepared and with batteries or reserve batteries.

Take a bag or backpack that is comfortable, that will allow you to have your equipment at hand and with the security of having everything you need to change quickly.

Use fast and bright objectives. You will greatly appreciate it when editing.

Make sure you control the ISO and the proper shutter speed so you do not have “moved photos”.

Check the settings before you start. It is very common to start shooting and see that we have the adjustments of the previous day (and that they do not correspond).

Shoot, of course, in RAW : it is mandatory. You will have to later edit the pictures with an editor such as Light room, but you can always do much better if you shoot in RAW, especially when making corrections.

Finally, review. Review everything three times. Do not leave anything in the studio or at home: when you get to the wedding, there will be no turning back.

Creative tips to get unique wedding photos

Not everything is reduced to equipment and adjustments. Obviously, in wedding photography the most important part of the set is the photographer , but like everything in life you have to train and practice it. Discipline and hard work are the source of creativity and inspiration.

Be agile and move . Light and silent, but move. Do not wait for something to happen, get ahead of it when you see some sign, a movement. Over time you will learn to read the faces of people and guess, in many cases, what is going to happen.

Beware of mobiles: a wedding photographer must be smart and anticipate people , look for moments and, if necessary and always politely, make some observation to the guests. If necessary, I should warn the couple if the problem persists or grows, and make a decision with them. Failure to do so will jeopardize the quality of the final work.

As a good friend of mine always says: “A good wedding photographer manages with what there is” . Play with what is around you, learn to use a reflection in a glass, a mirror or some element of the place like a sofa, chairs or anything else can help you to do something different and creative.

Use several types of objectives : a 50mm f / 1.4 for scenes where there is little light, a telephoto lens to capture from a distance or an 85mm to make the report to the couple can give a different touch. Also a wide angle or a fish eye can provide a sympathetic and different angle at some moments.

Skip the traditional angles . For example, try using a wide angle from a very low angle for the bride’s entrance. Do not use it from a high point, the heads and trunk will appear larger than the legs and feet, creating a “strange” effect for our brain (with some exceptions). If you choose, instead, a low angle using an angular lens the resulting effect is much more pleasing to our brain, feet and legs longer and the figure of the person, generally more elongated.

When it comes to the reporting of the couple, try to do it in a quiet , intimate and simple. Talk to them, be nice and try to make them laugh. Be close . That will be transmitted in the photographs. Try not to take the pictures that everyone does, the photos of 20 years ago were fine 20 years ago. Agree in advance with the couple the type of photographs you are going to do and refresh them with these questions before the wedding day.

Finally, apply your personal style when editing photos, trying not to abuse extreme effects (for example, excessive tonal contrast or HDR type fusion does not look good with people, usually).

And if you have not tried it before, do not experiment!

It also happens, especially when the pace of this type of events has been taken a bit, that you want to evolve. But the experiments or the tests do them before. If we are not clear, our advice is that you do not try during a wedding because things like the following can happen to you:

Wedding photography with drones is fashionable, yes, but buying the latest toy and knowing how to use it are different things. That does not happen to you as in this video that we put below:

Do not force with ridiculous postures . Photographs the bride as she prepares, looks out the window, breathes deep to fight nerves, smiles at her mother … Those situations are what will then transmit the feelings that crop up in those days.

The use of flash can be very creative, but practice before. In this making of the photographer Justin Wojtczak vindicates the use of flash and strobist techniques  framed within the scope of wedding photography although, yes, in a quiet session, without the typical stress of the day of the ceremony and in a very attractive. This session, only suitable for spendthrifts, is one of those known as “Trash the Dress”  in which the couple acts as guts while silently suffering the destruction of clothes, usually as special as expensive. Maybe we should not get to things like that.

Do not bother the couple with continuous requests. They are a thousand things at once and being a “heavy” will influence their spirits at the time of the photographs. Try, if you have to ask for something, get close to someone close to the family that makes you a link, something you should agree with the couple before the wedding day.

Monitor the hours of light, locations and time. If you know, for example, that it can rain with high probability, have alternatives to take the photos. Cautious photographer is worth two. And with the hours of light, the same. Keep in mind that, although the high season of weddings begins in the spring, it is becoming more normal (due to other factors) to look for other dates. And the quality of the light is different as well as the amount of daylight hours.

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