Wedding Photography Packages

Welcome to Yabesh Photography, the premier destination for dynamic, high-quality wedding photography packages. We understand that your special day is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and each unique moment should be captured with breathtaking images. Our professional photographers specialise in capturing both candid and posed visuals that express more than just memories; they capture feelings and love stories between you and your partner, as well as family members or friends who were present at the ceremony.

At Yabesh Photography, our team of experienced professionals seeks to provide clients with an unforgettable experience from start to finish by carefully crafting custom packages tailored directly to their needs. From engagement shoots through honeymoon photosessions, we’re prepared to handle everything from traditional wedding shots all the way through album collaborations on digital media outlets like YouTube or Instagram!

We offer additional services such as rooftop sessions perfect for sunset silhouettes where newlyweds can take time out and celebrate together after hours of shooting away details of their big day, in addition to providing stunningly beautiful finished products such as framed prints & albums or HD DVD slideshows featuring musical soundscapes designed especially for you!

Whether you’re looking for full-day coverage two days before your wedding or last-minute snapshots while exiting after exchanging vows, you can rest assured that every corner will be examined and explored when it comes to designing vivid photo experiences that are definitely worth much more than what’s paid upfront—because saving these moments forever has its own distinct value that cannot be expressed in monetary terms. 

A: Most wedding photography packages typically include coverage of the entire day, from getting ready to the start of the reception. They usually also come with an online gallery and prints, as well as creative editing techniques such as toning & cropping. The number of hours and photos included vary by package; some might even offer discounts or freebies like extra images or access to digital downloads. Additionally, many photographers offer engagement sessions at an additional fee which can be selected when booking your photographer for your special day!

A. It depends on how much coverage you prefer for your special day! Generally, about 60-100 photos per hour of shooting is an average range that results in approximately 180-300 images from a three-hour wedding shoot; however this can vary based on the size of your bridal party and family, as well as the type of poses required during the photo session. If you would like to get more detailed information on our photography packages and services please contact us today so we can make sure all your needs are met before making any commitments!

A: A quality photography package typically includes the photographer’s time and talent, editing of selected photos, a set number of digital files or prints for you to keep, an online gallery for viewing your images, and any props needed. Depending on the type of session you are looking for (e.g., portrait or wedding), additional services such as albums, photo booth rental may also be available. Be sure to ask your photographer what will be included in their specific packages so that expectations can be properly managed. Additionally make sure they provide detailed price breaks up front so that budgeting is clear from the start of the process!

A: The costs of hiring a professional photographer to capture your Indian wedding depend on several factors, such as the scope of photography coverage desired and location. On average, most couples spend between 50,000 and 2,00,000 to hire a quality photographer in India, with higher end packages costing up to 15,00,000 or more. If you’re looking for lower-priced options that don’t sacrifice quality or professionalism we offer budget friendly packages starting at around Rs 30K onwards. Prices may also vary depending upon the budget set by each couple and expertise/experience level of photographers

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