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Are you considering hiring a wedding photographer for your dream nuptials? While making the arrangements for your special day, it is important to consider costs associated with wedding photographers. Many factors influence what makes up the overall cost of a professional wedding photography package—such as photo editing time and prints coverage hours. The average price point can range from Rs 50,000 – Rs 5,00,000 depending on the specific needs of each couple and their desired result.

When looking at potential packages an experienced photographer may offer, be sure to look out for one that includes engagement photos or full-day coverage both before and after exchanging vows in order to capture all moments spent together during this momentous occasion! Additionally inquire about any added fees such as travel expenses so there are no surprises come budgeting time. Also make sure they happily accept digital releases so that you can print photos yourself if needed down the line–potentially saving some money!

Hiring a skilled yet affordable wedding photographer who will capture all those cherished memories should always be included in the lineup when planning your exciting event – just make sure not only to get great visuals but also know what exactly comes along with them first hand before entering into any financial commitment!

Yabesh Photography is the perfect choice for couples looking to capture their special day. We offer wedding photography services at a competitive cost, tailored to your tastes and budget. Our experienced photographers are passionate about creating beautiful memories that last a lifetime, while staying mindful of your specific needs and financial constraints. We understand that weddings can be expensive as it is without incurring costs associated with high-end professional photographers; however, we provide an affordable solution for those seeking quality at reasonable rates.

We take pride in using only the highest quality equipment available in order to deliver superior images which represent you perfectly on your big day – whether formal or candid posed shots – all taken with attention to detail ensuring every moment reflects its importance and beauty into eternity. Every photo captures something unique from each event bringing out emotion from even the most ordinary moments! Yabesh Photography will not compromise when it comes to capturing these precious times – because ultimately they will remind you of them forevermore!

No matter what type of celebration you’re planning, our team offers astonishing packages tailored specifically to fit any style or size affair – so no details go unnoticed on this very important occasion in life. Our quote process has been designed keeping ease-of-use front-of mind: simply let us know what vision you have for photos either through email or arrange a consultation where we’ll discuss exactly how much coverage suits best going forward giving complete peace of mind regarding time frames & finances before the event occurs..

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A: To determine how much you should charge for your services as a wedding photographer, consider the amount of time and effort required to capture dynamic images on this special day. Consider your experience in the field, including any formal training or certifications. Additionally, take into account what comparable photographers in your area currently charge and adjust accordingly based on the value that you will be providing such as specialized skillset or desired shooting style. Ultimately it is important that you are charging enough to ensure adequate compensation while being competitively priced so clients can affordably book with confidence.

A: Wedding photography prices can vary significantly, depending on the type of services and products you choose. Typically, basic packages start at around Rs 20,000 for a single day shoot with two photographers and include 1-2 hours of coverage before the ceremony plus upto 10 edited pictures. More comprehensive packages may range from Rs 50,000 – Rs 2 lakhs based on your needs (including pre-wedding photo shoots too). Adding to that optional extras such as albums or prints will increase your total investment costs.

A: At Yabesh Photography, we use a simple formula to calculate your cost. First, we determine the total amount of time needed for shooting, editing and delivering your photos – this includes any setup and travel expenses related to the shoot. Second, we take into account the type of images you desire and how much post-processing or retouching needs to be done. Finally based on all these factors combined with our competitive rates, we provide an accurate estimate in advance so there are no surprises when it comes to your final invoice!

A: The cost of a photographer for an Indian wedding will depend on the type of services you require and the size of your event. Generally speaking, photographers who specialize in weddings can charge anywhere from Rs 80,000 to over Rs 4,00,000. Other factors such as travel expenses, equipment rentals and post-processing fees may also be included in these costs. It is important to discuss with your chosen photographer all associated costs before committing to any service agreement or contract.

A: Wedding photography is an investment that you will treasure for years to come. Professional wedding photographers create beautiful and unique memories of your special day, often with expertise in lighting, angles, poses and more that help add value and quality to the images captured. Moreover, professional wedding photographers have to invest time into editing your photos as well as meeting with you before hand to discuss the shoot. They also need specialized equipment like cameras, lenses and software that result in a higher cost associated with their services than non-professional ones. All in all these factors contribute to why professional wedding photographers may be pricier but deliver top-notch results!

A: Yabesh Photography has been a successful, award-winning photography studio for more than 18 years. Based out of Chennai, we offer an extensive range of services from fashion and wedding to corporate events and product shoots. We are one of the premier photographers in Tamil Nadu with our work featured extensively across newspapers, magazines and online platforms. Our team is dedicated to creating vibrant images that capture beautiful memories that last lifetimes! We have achieved unparalleled success due to our technical excellence combined with creative flair which results in superior quality photographs each time.

A: Every wedding is unique and the number of photos taken during your special day depends on various factors, such as photography style, venue size and specific event details. Generally speaking, experienced photographers typically take between 500 – 2000 images over the course of an entire wedding day for couples to choose from. It’s important to consider that this does not include additional setup shots or videos from different angles which can also be requested by you if desired! When it comes down to selecting which images are printed at the end of your session – you should feel confident knowing that only your best moments have been captured!

A: Taking great wedding photos is all about capturing the special moments in a unique way. To ensure your images are memorable, you need to plan ahead and have the right equipment for the job. Make sure to use appropriate lenses that can capture both close-ups and wide shots of each scene. Use natural lighting when possible, but also consider using artificial light if needed to create an interesting atmosphere or accentuate particular details. Pay attention to composition by creating interesting perspectives and experimenting with different angles as well as utilizing basic elements such as line, shape, texture and color in your photographs for more visual impact. Finally be open minded during shoots so you don’t miss out on any spontaneous moments!

A: Having two photographers allows for an increased variety of angles, shots and perspectives on the day. With both a primary photographer and assistant present it ensures more detailed coverage throughout the entire event. Both photographers provide different viewpoints while keeping one another motivated as they capture every detail with precision and accuracy. Furthermore, having double the lenses means that any situation or requirement can be better covered in a quicker time frame so nothing is missed when recording memories to last forever!

A. Yes, professional wedding photographers normally remain for the entire duration of your wedding day to ensure that all special moments are captured and preserved forever. Our expert team stays with you throughout, from getting ready right through until after the first dance so no detail is missed! We also offer personalized ‘storytelling’ packages where we capture special snippets such as speeches and cake cutting in addition to portrait sessions before or during the reception – whichever works best for our clients on their big day!

A: Wedding photography services vary depending on the type and length of coverage, equipment needed, additional photographers required and range of editing. Typically for a full-day shoot with two photographers, including pre-wedding consultation, postproduction work and delivery of high resolution files may cost you around INR 60K to 1L per day. Additional costs such as prints or albums can also be included for an extra fee if requested by the client. To get the most accurate quote it’s best to consult your photographer directly about exactly what is being offered so there are no surprises when receiving final billing.

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