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Yabesh photography Coimbatore offers the best in pre wedding shoot prices. With over a decade of award-winning experience, our experienced team of professional photographers will make sure that your special day is captured with an artistic eye and finesse. We understand that every couple’s story is unique and so we take great care to ensure that each aspect of your pre wedding shoot, from location scouting to styling, is tailored to your individual needs. Our pre wedding shoot prices are extremely competitive and guarantee a memorable experience.

At Yabesh Photography we have various packages available at different price points, depending on what you need for your big day or event. Our classic package includes an engagement session tailored to give you stunning images without compromising quality and affordability—just under Rs 20K anywhere in India! For couples looking for something more customized, we offer flexible options like custom props & locations as well as multiple outfit changes which can be added into the mix starting from Rs 30k onwards making it a very viable option depending on how elaborate one wishes their shoot to be .  

Our talented team always ensures maximum value for money along with delivering top quality photos that everyone involved can treasure forever! So if you are searching for an experienced photographer who provides exceptional results at remarkable rates then Yabesh Photography Coimbatore has everything covered – Just get in touch today and let us put together a plan just right for you!

What are the most innovative pre-wedding shoot ideas 

Pre wedding photography is a great way to capture the special moments leading up to your big day. From the first romantic date, to the engagement announcement and all of those memories in between, pre wedding photo shoots offer couples an unforgettable experience that will last for years. With professional photographers capturing every detail from start-to-finish, you can be sure that your photos will be timeless. Whether outdoors or indoors on location at one of your favourite spots – there are endless possibilities when it comes to creative ideas for making each shoot unique and personal.

So whatever style fits you both best – think outside the box! Use props like balloons, flags or even bicycles; plan fun activities together like picnicking or canoe riding; get dressed up in traditional attire; dress down with casual clothes…the list goes on – use every opportunity to bring out beautiful emotions into each picture taken so as they become a lasting reminder of this amazing phase in life!



Q. How much money should I plan to spend on a pre-wedding shoot?  

A. Pre-wedding shoots typically cost between INR 20,000 and INR 2,00,000 depending upon the location and length of the session. It is important to consider locality, quality of photographers in your area, number of hours spent shooting as well as any props or additional services you want included in order to craft an accurate budget for these shoots.

Q: What is included in pre-wedding shoot?  

A: Pre-wedding shoots typically include a professional photographer and equipment, poses that capture the couple’s chemistry and style, props to add personality to the photos (for example flowers or balloons), editing of selected images for quality assurance and colour balance. The end result will be a set of beautiful memories captured on camera forever.

Q: What should I wear for a outdoor photoshoot?  

A: When deciding what to wear for your pre-marriage photoshoot, it is important to choose clothing that reflects the theme of your special day. Consider classic and timeless styles that will stand the test of time in photos, as well as colours or patterns you love but are not overly trendy so they never go out of style. Choose fabrics and textures that are comfortable yet stylish, ensuring you look your best while feeling relaxed during the shoot. Be sure to accessorize with personal touches like jewellery pieces or items from nature such as floral crowns etc., allowing for unique photos!

Q: How long does a pre-marriage photoshoot take?  

A: The time required for a pre-marriage photoshoot will depend on the couple’s preferences and schedule. Typically, couples tend to book anywhere from one to four hours of photography in order to ensure they have plenty of time with their photographer and ample opportunity to capture beautiful memories. It is important that couples discuss their plans well ahead of the shoot in order for enough preparation time beforehand so the result is flawless images!

Q: What is the best time for a pre-wedding photoshoot?  

A: Timing of your pre-marriage photoshoot is an important factor to consider. Generally, we recommend scheduling the shoot anywhere between four months and one month prior to the wedding day. This allows enough time to create beautiful portraits while still keeping them relevant with what will be in style on your special day – all without taking extra stress away from you during that last week before diving into marriage bliss! If possible, try coordinating with sunset or sunrise hours when light has natural warmth and beauty.

Q: What should I bring to a pre-wedding photoshoot?  

A: Pre-marriage photoshoots are an incredibly special time and preparing for your session starts with what you choose to bring. We recommend bringing a selection of wardrobe changes that reflect the style, colours, or theme of your wedding day. You should also consider bringing any accessories such as jewellery, hats, or other props that help showcase your individual personalities. Finally, music can be a great way to get into the right mood – so why not come prepared with some of your favourite love songs!

Q: Should I hire a makeup artist for my pre-wedding photoshoot?

A: Absolutely! Experienced and talented makeup artists can offer the perfect look for your big day. Hiring an experienced professional ensures that you have confidence in their ability to create the desired look. They will also be able to provide advice on which products are best suited for your skin type, as well as suggest any necessary touch-ups throughout the day. Furthermore, they will ensure that all of the elements of your wedding preparation come together perfectly so you can feel at ease and enjoy this special time with friends and family.

Q: What props should I use for a pre-marriage photoshoot?  

A: Finding the right props for your pre-marriage photoshoot can be challenging. Take some time to plan and choose items that will add meaning and reflect the couple’s personality or theme of wedding, while also adding interest to the photos. Consider using heirloom items like family jewellery or vintage decorations that have special significance, romantic items such as rose petals, love letters, candles or balloons with personal messages, fun toys they both enjoy playing with and other sentimental objects related to their relationship. Whatever you decide on make sure it adds creativity and depth to your shoot!

Q. What poses are best for a outdoor photoshoot?  

A. Poses that will capture your true personalities and the connection between you two are essential to adding more energy and warmth into your pre-wedding photos! The most popular pose options include standing together with arms around each other, intertwined hands, holding hands while walking or running together, candid shots as if unaware of being photographed and just playing in nature (such as jumping over puddles), romantic close-ups; such as kissing forehead or nose tip etc.. With these traditional yet creative posing ideas, it’s guaranteed that the pictures taken during this shoot will be cherished forever!

Q: Should I wear matching outfits for a outdoor photoshoot?

A: Matching outfits can be a great way to emphasize the special connection between you and your partner. It is entirely up to you whether or not you choose to have matching attire, as it depends on what aesthetic appeals most to the two of you. Consider selecting an outfit that complements each other but still expresses your unique individual style – after all, this is your big day! You may also want to coordinate with any bridal party members if they plan to join in photos during the session.

Q: How many photos will I get from a outdoor photoshoot?  

A: The number of photographs you’ll receive after a outdoor photoshoot can depend on the photographer and their services. Generally, most photographers provide between 50 to 150 edited images documenting your special day. It is important to ask the photographer about their photo delivery policy before committing to them for your wedding needs.

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