Tips from a wedding photographer

You have to be realistic to find the expert who will take care of your nuptial images.

A link is one of the most special moments in the life of any couple. Therefore, we always want to have the best photographs at all costs. We interviewed Salvador Carmona, a photographer specialising in weddings and, for 7 years, ambassador of Canon, to give us the best advice and that your wedding Photography are the most special.

Tips from a wedding photographer
1.What moments cannot be missing in a bridal album?
When the bride gets ready, It is very delicate, since it shows an intimate and feminine part to which photographers have access.
Also, there is a spark at the moment the bride and groom meet for the first time. It is a kind of incredible magic that can happen before or after the mass.
The session of the bride alone. She will want to remember how the dress, the veil and all the bridal trousseau looked.

Of course, the ceremony (regardless of religion or creed). In the Catholic, the moment to exchange the rings and carry the bow. While in the Jewish the most representative moment is when breaking the cup and putting the ring on the index finger of the right hand. Therefore, as a Wedding photographer, you have to know each of the rites to develop the history of the ceremony.

Neither can miss when the couple enters the room. Everyone expects to see the newlyweds come and capture their expression when they are received by the people they love. Both the reaction of the people and the couple is paramount.
The first dance as husband and wife. It’s a happy moment, full of emotion and magic.
Some moments in the party, of course, there is a bouquet and league, those cannot be absent.

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2.How do you define the right location for the session of each couple?
To begin, we must clarify that there are two types of photographers: reactive and proactive. None is incorrect, but it will depend on the bride which one to choose, therefore it is linked to the location. For example, I react to her emotions, then I would be reactive, and they want the place. On the other hand, a proactive one is the one that decides. He imposes in some way the pose and the site. What I’m looking for is to get the personality out of the couple, see how they get along, the couple’s dynamics and try to translate it into images.

3.What kind of sessions are the most requested for weddings?
The day of the wedding, the previous session and trash the dress. The last session is chosen by many for the Save the Date, and it is a good idea, since this way the wedding photographer can meet the couple.

4.What trends currently prevail in the field of bridal photography?
Documentary photography, in which the photographer is reactive, is a simple observer and follows the scenes and emotional acts of the wedding. One does not need to put more emotion.

5.What should the bride and groom consider when choosing the lens professional?
They have to understand the Wedding photographer’s style, how to make their images and not impose their preconceived ideas. Much less than Pinterest, the app has created false expectations. Brides come with views from the page and want to make them, but when the professional does it ends up being a Frankenstein session since the result is a mixture, it does not look like the original idea. They have to accept and like the photographer’s style. Also, there may be an initial guide, but it is essential to let it do its job so that personality and art flow.

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