How to choose the right wedding photographer in Tamilnadu

How much does a wedding photographer charge in Tamilnadu?

When it comes to planning a wedding, capturing the memories is of utmost importance. Hiring a professional wedding photographer ensures that your special day is preserved in high-quality images you can cherish forever. In this article, we will discuss the various factors determining the cost of a wedding photographer in Tamilnadu, India.

Factors that influence the cost of wedding photography in Tamilnadu

Experience and expertise of the photographer: The experience and skill level of the wedding photographer plays a significant role in determining their fees. Highly experienced photographers with a strong portfolio will likely charge more than those new to the industry.

Style of photography: Wedding photographers offer various photography styles, such as traditional, candid, documentary, and fine art. Your style can impact the cost, with some styles requiring more specialized equipment and editing techniques.

The number of events covered: Indian weddings often include multiple events spread over several days. The more events a photographer is hired to cover, the higher the cost.

Duration of the event: The length of the wedding ceremony and other related events also affects the photographer’s fee. Longer events require more time, effort, and resources from the photographer, leading to higher charges.

Location of the wedding: The location of the wedding can influence the photographer’s fees as well. If the wedding is held at a remote location or requires the photographer to travel a significant distance, the cost will likely increase due to travel expenses and accommodation.

Additional services: Wedding photographers often offer additional services, such as pre-wedding shoots, photo albums, and video coverage. The more services you require, the higher the overall cost.

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Typical wedding photography packages in Tamilnadu

To give you a better understanding of the costs involved in hiring a wedding photographer in Tamilnadu, we have outlined some common packages:

Basic Package: A basic package typically includes coverage of the main wedding event and reception. This package usually includes one photographer, with prices ranging from INR 40,000 to INR 60,000.

Standard Package: The standard package covers multiple events, such as the engagement, pre-wedding shoot, main wedding ceremony, and reception. Prices for this package can range from INR 80,000 to INR 1,20,000, depending on the photographer’s experience and the services provided.

Premium Package: A premium package offers comprehensive coverage of all wedding-related events, along with additional services like album creation, cinematic wedding films, and drone photography. Prices for a premium package can range from INR 1,50,000 to INR 3,00,000 or more.

How to choose the right wedding photographer in Tamilnadu

Selecting the perfect wedding photographer for your special day can be daunting. Here are some tips to help you make an informed decision:

Portfolio review: Before hiring a wedding photographer, review their portfolio to ensure their style aligns with your vision for your wedding day.

Client testimonials: Reading reviews and testimonials from past clients can provide valuable insights into the photographer’s professionalism and work quality.

Budget considerations: Determine your budget for wedding photography and choose a package that fits within your financial constraints.

Personal connection: Since your wedding photographer will be capturing intimate moments, it’s essential to feel comfortable with them. Arrange a meeting or video call to discuss your requirements and understand your personality.

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Contract and terms: Before finalizing the booking, review the contract, and make sure you understand the terms and conditions, including payment schedules, deliverables, and cancellation policies.

Tips to save on wedding photography costs in Tamilnadu

Wedding photography can be a significant expense, but there are ways to manage costs without compromising quality. Here are some suggestions to help you save on your wedding photography budget:

Prioritize events: Instead of hiring a photographer for all wedding-related events, focus on the most important ones, such as the wedding ceremony and reception.

Negotiate with the photographer: Wedding photographers may be open to negotiation, especially during off-peak seasons. Discuss your budget constraints and explore possibly customizing a package to suit your needs.

Book early: Booking your wedding photographer well in advance can help you secure better rates, as photographers often offer discounts for early bookings.

Leverage referrals: Ask friends and family for recommendations; some photographers may provide discounts for referred clients.

Consider hiring a local photographer: If your wedding is in Tamilnadu, hiring a local photographer can help you save on travel and accommodation costs.


The cost of hiring a wedding photographer in Tamilnadu can vary widely, depending on factors such as the photographer’s experience, the style of photography, the number of events covered, and additional services. By researching different packages, reviewing portfolios, and considering your budget, you can find the perfect wedding photographer to capture your special day.

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