How to Plan a Perfect Pre Wedding Photoshoot in Coimbatore

How do you plan a pre-wedding shoot in Coimbatore? Pre-wedding Photoshoot Costumes, Photographer Location & Makeup

Introduction to Pre-Wedding Shoots

Capturing the romance before “I do” has become a cherished ritual for soon-to-wed couples. More pairs are marking the occasion with a prenuptial photoshoot to freeze-frame their love, dubbed a “save the date” or “engagement shoot.” As an increasingly popular custom, couples designate time and dedicate funds to organize these picture-perfect photoshoots that showcase their unique personality and one-of-a-kind love stories.

There are several reasons why pre-wedding photoshoots have become so popular:

Planning a pre-wedding shoot involves choosing locations, outfits, photographers, hair, makeup, and posing. Coimbatore offers plenty of excellent options to help you organize an outstanding photoshoot.

Why They’re Popular

Pre-wedding photos capture the couple looking their happy best in a relaxed, romantic setting before the wedding preparations begin. These shoots showcase their unique personality, style and love story.

The photos can later be used as save-the-date cards, wedding invitations, guest signages, photo books or even thank-you cards for guests. Some couples also share them on social media with friends and family.

Professional photographers manage to bring out the best through their skills and experience. Great photos make for wonderful memories that last forever.

Key Elements to Plan

When planning your pre-wedding photoshoot, you need to make certain key decisions:

  • Location: Choose an indoor or outdoor location matching your preferences
  • Photographer: Select based on reviews, experience and photography style
  • Outfits: Pick complementary outfits expressing your unique fashion sense
  • Hair & Makeup: Book a professional to bring out your best features
  • Poses: Decide poses that represent your comfort level
  • The location forms an integral part of your photoshoot. Let’s look at excellent location options in Coimbatore.

Choosing a Location in Coimbatore

Coimbatore offers both gorgeous outdoor as well as indoor locations for pre-wedding shoots.

Popular Outdoor Spots

Outdoor locations allow playing with natural light while capturing candid moments. Popular options:


Botanical gardens like the Singhania Garden Race Course Road make for pretty backdrops with flowers, trees and greenery. The VOC Park rose garden is also perfect for romantic couple shots.

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The Valankulam Lake promenade area and Perur Lake let you incorporate the serene water body into your photos. Time them around sunrise or sunset for magical golden hour light.

Hills & Valleys

Locations like Monkey Falls near Pollachi capture lush green hilly backdrops. You can incorporate natural features like streams and waterfalls, too.

Siruvani Waterfalls and villages near Coimbatore, surrounded by the Western Ghats, also provide postcard-worthy settings.

Great Indoor Venues

Do you prefer controlled environments sans weather uncertainties? Consider:

Studio Photoshoots

Reputed photography studios provide various conceptual and thematic backdrops for creative shoots. Use props, lighting and effects for playful couple portraits. Visit our Instagram page to view samples of creative shoots in photography studios.

Hotels & Resorts

Heritage hotels (The Residency, The Grand) have old-world charm, while luxury options (Vivanta, ITC WelcomHotel) spell sophistication. Resorts near Top Slip and Ponmudi offer scenic views too.

Hiring the Photographer

Hiring an experienced photographer with technical skills and creative vision is key to getting quality memories.

Researching Their Style & Past Work

Shortlist photographers in Coimbatore based on the following:

  • Portfolio: Check their website galleries to evaluate style and quality
  • Reviews: Feedback from past clients indicates work ethic and reliability
  • Experience: More years in the business generally translate to better skills
  • Specialties: Many photographers have signature styles (candid, monochrome, photojournalistic)
  • Narrow down to a few options before scheduling consultative meetings.

Discussing Your Vision and Preferences

During initial discussions, share details like:

Date, location – confirm photoshoot plan details
Expectations – desired style, number of photos, etc
Outfits, mood – inputs for lighting and backdrop
Talk through concepts until both parties align on the photoshoot vision. This sets clear deliverable expectations, too.


Confirming Costs & Deliverables

Cost: Typically charged per day basis plus taxes
Deliverables: Number of processed photos provided, print credits, etc
Timelines: Turnaround time for processed digital album
Sign a contract locking down the scope, fees and terms before confirming your booking.

Perfecting Your Pre-Wedding Look

Along with planning the shoot, prepare yourselves aesthetically through:

Hair, Makeup & Skincare Tips

Book a seasoned stylist for your hair and makeup. Some ways to get photo ready include:

  • Cleanse, tone and moisturize for clear, glowing skin
  • Use primer, highlighter and minimal touch-ups for a dewy sheen
  • Define eyes subtly with eyeliner, mascara, and lip colour for pops
  • Styling hair smooth and wavy or chic updos work beautifully
  • Schedule trials before the final look. Share inspirational images with your stylist.

Flattering Poses & Expressions

Practice posing before the lens for polished photos:

  • Angle your face in harmony with the camera
  • Use your hands to caress your partner’s cheek or clasp it gently
  • Share a laugh; hold loving gazes
  • Lean in towards each other
  • Sync outfits, poses and backdrop for brilliant, natural frames.

Choosing Complementary Outfits

Decide on attires aligned to your photoshoot mood – dressy or relaxed, colour schemes, and more.

  • Indian – explore jewel tones or pastels, rich fabrics + heritage jewellery
  • Western – coordinated casuals or formals in lush materials/textures
  • Experiment with complementing accessory pieces – hats, stoles, eyeglasses, etc
  • Trial outfits together, checking colour and fit. Have fun brainstorming concepts!

Pulling Off Amazing Couple Shots

Beyond aesthetics, expressing your unique personality also makes photoshoots special.

5 Poses for Romantic Photos

Strike an intimate note through poses like:

  • Stand behind your partner, both facing the camera
  • Walk hand-in-hand on a pretty trail
  • One person leaning their head on their partner’s shoulder
  • Share a close waltz, holding each other
  • Quiet moment – foreheads touching gently
  • Tasteful Affection & Body Language
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Subtle gestures that capture chemistry:

  • Eye contact, smiling at each other fondly
  • Arms wrapped around waists
  • Nuzzling noses, whispering in ears
  • Play with hair, hold hands lovingly
  • Convey emotions beautifully.

Fun Activity Ideas
Incorporate interaction concepts:

  • Play badminton and frisbee together
  • Splash colour on each other during Holi
  • Walk through a garden, smelling flowers
  • Relax by a picturesque Lakeview
  • Showcase your personality through unique ideas!

Conclusion & FAQs

Final Tips

  • Communicate concepts clearly to align with photographers
  • Time outdoor shoots around dawn/dusk for magical light
  • Have a shot list noting must-have couple poses
  • Carry a change of clothes accounting for weather, spills
  • Most importantly – have fun celebrating togetherness!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the ideal time duration for a pre-wedding photoshoot?

A: Plan for at least 2-3 hours for sufficient time for multiple concepts and outfit changes. Many photographers suggest half-day (4 hours) or full-day (8-10 hours) for more comprehensive photoshoots.

Q: How many photos are enough?

A: Most photographers deliver an edited collection of at least 50-80 high-resolution, processed pictures. Some provide up to 100 photos per day, too.

Q: What if it rains unexpectedly on the day of our outdoor photoshoot?

A: Have backup indoor venues in mind, and reschedule outdoor portions for another suitable day. Safety comes first during rains – so remain flexible.

Q: How early should we book photographers in Coimbatore?

A: Start researching photographers at least 6-8 months prior. Reputed professionals get booked out early. You want to align on availability, lock in your first choices, and organize everything 4-5 months before the wedding dates.

Q: Should we do something unique or special for our pre-wedding shoot?

A: Definitely! Showcasing your personality allows the real you to shine through. Get creative with your photographer with activity ideas, thematic concepts, and couples games.

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