Discover Pregnancy Photoshoot Ideas: 20+ Creative Themes for a One-of-a-Kind Maternity Session

Creative Ideas for a Pregnancy Photoshoot

If you’re expecting a new addition to your family soon, one of the most exciting things you can do during your pregnancy is to have a maternity photoshoot to remember this special time. Posing for professional photos allows you to celebrate and honor your changing body while creating lasting mementos.

But pregnancy photos don’t have to be just simple portraits of you cradling your bump. Today’s maternity sessions are anything but boring or cliché. You can take many creative directions to make your photoshoot fun, meaningful, and completely you.

We’ve rounded up over 20 outside-the-box theme ideas to spark your creativity for your pregnancy photoshoot session. Keep reading for unique backdrops, sweet sibling shots, fun props, and more inspirations you can incorporate. Let’s dive in!

20+ Outside-the-Box Maternity Photoshoot Ideas: Capture Your Pregnancy Glow Uniquely

Dreamy Outdoor Natural Light Session

One effortlessly beautiful approach for maternity photos is to head outdoors and make the most of gorgeous natural lighting. For these relaxed and romantic shots:

  • Find a peaceful outdoor spot with lots of greenery, like a garden, field, or forest preserve—bonus points for flowering trees or bushes like lilacs.
  • Shoot during the Golden Hour around sunrise or sunset when the sunlight is soft and warm.
  • Wear a flowy dress that accents your bump to enhance those ethereal vibes.
  • Pose sitting in the grass or leaning casually against a tree to complement the organic backdrop.

The result? Stunning photos with a dreamlike quality that feel both rustic and chic at the same time.

Black and White Artistic Portraits

Opt for a black-and-white maternity session for an elevated, artistic take. Something is striking yet simple about removing color that creates more graphic, high-fashion shots:

  • Select a location with interesting textures and patterns, like peeling paint or weathered brick walls.
  • Have some wardrobe options ready in solid blacks and whites.
  • Get creative with dramatic lighting, like having some shots in silhouette.
  • Play with unique crops and angles in your poses.

The bold yet classic monochromatic scheme lends itself perfectly to living room wall art you’ll continue to cherish.

Whimsical Alice in Wonderland Theme

If you want something playful and lighthearted, channel the childhood classic Alice in Wonderland for a fantasy-inspired shoot.

  • Head to a park or botanical garden brimming with colorful flowers, greenery, and untamed wilderness like Wonderland.
  • Style yourself in a pastel or baby blue dress with a full skirt for a sweet Alice vibe.
  • Add fun touches like paper flowers in your hair, a vintage teacup, or a pocket watch prop.
  • Have your photographer get low or shoot from behind foreground flowers as you gaze and wander through nature, just like Alice discovering a magical new world.

The final images will capture your pregnancy journey’s whimsy and childlike awe. It’s the perfect theme for nurseries with a colorful, adventurous style.

City Rooftop Session

If you want something urban and edgy, head to a rooftop with a view of the city skyline. The contrast between your growing belly and the sharp lines of buildings in the background makes for stunning photos with lots of visual interest.

  • Find a rooftop deck or terrace that offers a vista of towering architecture all around you.
  • Wear something casual yet sleek in a bold color that pops against the neutral concrete and steel environment.
  • Take close shots highlighting your gorgeous profile and wide shots with the cityscape behind you.
  • As the sun goes down, capture some images at dusk with the city lights providing a sparkling backdrop.
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Visit my Instagram page to see more examples of urban maternity sessions captured at sunset!

These elevated shots will capture the beauty, strength, and glow you feel during pregnancy.

Fierce Goddess Maternity Glam

Channel your inner goddess and fertility deity with an uber-glam maternity session with lots of girl power vibes.

  • Have your makeup artist give you bold winged liner, lashes, and nude, glowing skin to amp up the drama.
  • Book a studio with simple backgrounds and opt for fierce side lighting.
  • Drape yourself in luxe fabrics like liquid satin or silk chiffon paired with statement jewelry.
  • Strike sensual, almost dancer-like poses accentuating your curves to embrace the move of being an earth mother.

You’ll look and feel amazing in these pampered shots, celebrating the most fabulous version of your expectant self.

Partners Hip Hop Session

If your significant other wants to get in on the action, do a partner shoot with hip-hop style. Showcase your relationship’s playfulness while looking super fly together:

  • Pick out coordinating tracksuits, bombers, leather jackets, and bling-like bold gold chains.
  • Head to an urban setting like a basketball court, city street, or alleyway.
  • Strike cool poses side by side, like walking toward the camera or standing back to back.
  • Get creative with black and white freeze frames of you two dancing or mid-jump like you’re dropping a music video.

The results will be fresh, fun candids showing the “parents-to-be” are still young.

Bump Casting Keepsake

Along with the usual photos, create an artsy 3D cast of your bump to remember its exact shape.

  • Use a bump casting kit that provides the materials for a plaster mold of your belly.
  • Have your partner or photographer help apply the casting strips as you stand still for about 10 minutes until it sets.
  • Paint or decorate the finished mold to turn it into a beautiful sculpture for the nursery.
  • Get images of the whole process from the plaster application all the way through the final artistic piece.

This unique activity lets you memorialize your changing form while giving you a tangible work of art to connect back to this time.

Minimalist Black and White Profile

If you want something simple yet stunning, stick to basics with an all-black and white silhouette profile shoot.

  • Stand sideways, wearing all black against a clean white wall.
  • Concentrate on shapes and lines rather than detail, keeping accessories minimal.
  • Only have a portion of your body and face shown to abstract the images.
  • Take poses from multiple angles like straight on, looking down, arms stretched overhead, cradling under your belly, etc.

The graphic profile shots make for chic yet easy for decorators to frame.

Romantic Beach Sunset

A dreamy beach shoot feels like an obvious yet irresistible theme. The gorgeous golden hour light and relaxed sandy setting naturally complement the pregnancy glow.

  • Schedule your session at the end of the day when the sun is low on the horizon.
  • Plan outfits in lightweight fabrics like a sheer coverup or linen dress that flow gracefully in the ocean breeze.
  • Incorporate natural elements like seashells, starfish, palm fronds, or driftwood.
  • Capture silhouette shots from behind as you gaze at the sunset or walk barefoot in the surf.
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Paired with the sound of rolling waves, these photos transport you back to soaking up the serene ambiance of expecting new life.

Woodland Nymph

Similar to the beach theme but with more whimsy, style yourself as a mystical forest fairy surrounded by nature’s beauty for an ethereal photoshoot.

  • Opt for a wooded trail, moss garden, or anywhere with mature trees, flowering vines, and lush greenery.
  • Wear an earthy crown of fresh baby’s breath or ferns and drape yourself in lace, eyelet cotton, or silk.
  • Carry natural found objects like acorns or seed pods.
  • The pose sits on weathered stumps and leans casually against vines and trunks.
  • Process images in black and white or sepia for an extra dreamlike vibe.

The resulting photos have an editorial maturity perfect for a sophisticated nursery with a touch of magic.

Foodie Farm Stand

For foodie mamas, do a playful session set in an autumnal farm stand overflowing with seasonal bounty.

  • Head to a local orchard or pumpkin patch and wear boots over leggings with an oversized knit sweater.
  • Pose stirring a kettle, peeling apples, or sitting relaxed among bushels of veggies and gourds.
  • Use baskets, pie tins, mason jars, rolling pins, and other kitchen tools as fun accessories.
  • Take detailed close-ups of you peeking through flower bouquets or frames and your bump among hanging garlic braids or wreaths.

The homey yet crisp images celebrate nourishing yourself and your little pumpkin.

Desert Goddess

Lean into desert vibes with warm tones and arching lines inspired by the southwest landscape.

  • Position yourself against clay walls, above architecture, or saguaro cacti.
  • Accent with turquoise jewelry, cowhide prints, and woven wool blankets.
  • Capture movement by walking through arched doorways or spinning with arms outstretched.
  • Process images with extra saturation and fading for intense color pops and high contrast.

The otherworldly edit paired with your cradling curves pays homage to the circle of life even in harsh conditions.

Belly Painting

Along with the usual posed shots, incorporate some playful belly painting to relax the mood and create whimsical abstract art.

  • Using sponges, hands, or brushes, cover your bump in nontoxic, washable paints.
  • Press greenery, doilies, or rubber stamps against the paint to imprint patterns.
  • Capture shots mid-creation, then do detailed images of the finished designs on your goddess’s belly.
  • Take silhouette shots with window light or black backgrounds to highlight the shapes and textures.

You’ll get beautiful one-of-a-kind designs celebrating the human canvas you provide to house your growing babe.

Sophisticated Studio Boudoir

Book a boudoir maternity session capturing the sensual trimester shifts if you want something similar.

  • Select a studio with simple backdrops and controlled lighting perfect for posing.
  • Glam up with voluminous hair, smoky shadow, glossy lips, and luxe lingerie looks.
  • Incorporate alluring accessories like fur stoles, floral headbands, or draped silk robes.
  • Take traditionally sexy shots plus adapted poses like holding a heavy belly or framing a bump in profile.

The stunning portraits fully display the feminine, fertile glow of pregnancy.

Silly Photo Booth

Between more posed shots, switch it up by setting up a DIY photo booth for candid snapshots that also show off your silly side.

  • Hang a backdrop, then pile up fun, silly props like hats, masks, glasses, or signs.
  • Snap pics with your partner being as goofy as you want.
  • Take single shots looking sideways, from above, cradling the belly, or making hilarious faces at the camera.
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A few photos documenting the ridiculous moments make the experience even more memorable.

Big Sister Shoot

If this isn’t your first baby, include your older kiddos by having a sweet sibling shoot.

  • Opt for outfits showcasing their big sister/brother status, like matching shirts saying “promoted to big sis 2021” and “little brother incoming.”
  • Take candids of them talking to, hugging, or kissing your bump.
  • Capture their excitement as they feel baby kicks from the outside.
  • Let them draw cute pictures directly onto your belly.

Documenting this special time bonding together before the new arrival is priceless.

Keep It Candid

While posed shots are key, having a photographer trailing you all day for spur-of-the-moment images often yields some favorite memories that can’t be recreated.

  • Have your session be partly guided, following you around without direction to let intimate moments happen organically.
  • Get ready, chat, snack on treats, take a walk together, and sometimes ignore the camera.
  • The authentic energy and connection captured lead to treasured photos you’ll enjoy forever.

Blending some photojournalistic, fly-on-the-wall images creates a comprehensive view of this meaningful chapter as you await, baby.

Pregnancy Photoshoot FAQs

What should I wear to look good in maternity photos?

Fitted clothes in stretchy or flowy fabrics accentuating your gorgeous growing belly are most flattering. Dresses and skirts allow you to showcase the bump easily. Bare your belly with crop tops or open cardigans. Have some outfit changes available to get a variety.

How can I hide pregnancy fat or cellulite?

Focus on authentic angles and poses versus trying to hide normal skin texture. You and Bump are beautiful as is. Diffused natural lighting is the most forgiving. Embrace your goddess glow.

How can I avoid awkward maternity poses?

Connect with our experienced family photographer ahead of time to discuss your vision and share any physical limitations. Move slowly, take breaks, and speak up if uncomfortable. Having your partner there for support helps everything feel natural.

The best images focus on genuine moments and emotions versus forced positioning. Follow our guidance while infusing your personality.

When should I schedule a photoshoot during pregnancy?

It depends on your tastes and goals. The early second trimester, around 26 weeks, lets your bump take center stage when you still feel agile. The third trimester has obvious drama but can be tiring. Some mamas opt for multiple sessions to capture the progression. Evaluate based on when you’ll glow most while having the energy to enjoy the experience fully.


Hopefully, this sparked lots of creative ideas beyond basic belly shots. Customize these themes by mixing elements or developing your vision based on your personality and location.

Most importantly, relax and have fun showing off your gorgeous pregnant self while making lifelong memories. This monumental time of preparing for the baby goes so quickly. Savor it by documenting your pregnancy journey through beautiful photography.

Ready to plan your own one-of-a-kind photoshoot? Book Now with our team of maternity photography experts at Yabesh Photography.

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