10 Pre-Wedding Photography Trends to Watch in 2023 Top 10 Outdoor Prewedding Photoshoot Locations in Coimbatore

Top 10 Prewedding Photography Locations in Coimbatore

With Coimbatore’s natural diversity and scenic beauty, outdoor prewedding photoshoots in the city are an excellent way to capture the beauty and love shared between engaged couples. These photoshoots create unforgettable images that will be forever treasured, serving as a charming and romantic backdrop to capture precious marriage memories. Coimbatore offers an array of breathtaking outdoor photoshoot locations, each with a unique ambiance that couples can choose from. Here are the top 10 outdoor photoshoot locations in Coimbatore that every couple should consider for their prewedding photoshoot.

Capture Your Love Amidst Nature: Top Outdoor Prewedding Photoshoot Locations in Coimbatore

1. Siruvani Waterfalls

One of the most popular spots for prewedding photography in Coimbatore, Siruvani Waterfalls is a stunning location with its lush greenery and cascading waters. With the surreal atmosphere surrounding an enchanting waterfall, Siruvani presents a perfect opportunity to capture the essence of a romantic couple.

Shooting tips:

* Wear comfortable footwear, as you might have to walk amidst rocky terrain.
* Carry waterproof gear, especially during the monsoons.

2. Isha Yoga Center

The Isha Yoga Center is a tranquil and scenic spiritual center in Coimbatore. Surrounded by nature and beautiful architecture, this peaceful location offers a serene backdrop for pre-wedding photography.

Shooting tips:

* Given its serene atmosphere, low-light photography and wide-angle lenses work best here.
* Check with the authorities before your photography session to make sure you are aware of any restrictions.

3. Maravakandy Dam

One of the most picturesque dams in Coimbatore, Maravakandy Dam is an excellent spot for prewedding photography. With tranquil waters and scenic views, it is a perfect location for capturing the romance between couples.

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Shooting tips:

* Visit early or late afternoon for the best lighting conditions.
* Look for a vantage point to capture the dam’s beauty in its entirety.

4. Kovai Kutralam Falls

The outskirts of Coimbatore boast the remarkable Kovai Kutralam Falls, where natural beauty envelopes a stunning waterfall. This location is perfect for an outdoor prewedding photoshoot, as its cascading waters and lush greenery create a dreamlike backdrop to capture your love before marriage.

Shooting tips:

* The foliage surrounding the falls can be heavy, so carry a wide-angle lens to capture the entire view.
* Mornings are best for better lighting to capture the essence of the falls.

5. Singanallur Lake

Singanallur Lake, located in the heart of Coimbatore, is an excellent spot for pre-wedding photography. With its scenic views and peaceful atmosphere, it provides a natural, relaxed vibe for couples.

Shooting tips:

* Use the reflective waters of the lake to create beautiful reflections and mirroring effects.
* Experiment with different angles to capture the beauty of the surrounding landscape.

6. Kari Motor Speedway

Kari Motor Speedway offers a unique and thrilling location for prewedding photography. With its fast cars and adrenaline-pumping atmosphere, it is perfect for couples who love adventure.

Shooting tips:

* Wear appropriate clothing and comfortable shoes.
* Use fast shutter speeds to capture the excitement and energy of the track.

7. Monkey Falls

Monkey Falls, nestled in the serene forests near Coimbatore, is an outdoor photoshoot location that nature-loving couples would adore for their prewedding photography. The surrounding views and tranquil environment make it perfect for capturing memorable moments of love before marriage, creating a romantic atmosphere that adds charm to your photographs.

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Shooting tips:

* Visit during the monsoons when the falls are at their most beautiful.
* Use a telephoto or zoom lens to capture the exquisite beauty of the falls.

8. Anamalai Tiger Reserve

Anamalai Tiger Reserve offers a unique and genuinely adventurous location for prewedding photography. With its dense forests and exotic wildlife, it provides a memorable place for couples who are passionate about nature.

Shooting tips:

* Hire a guide who is familiar with the terrain and wildlife.
* Avoid harming wildlife or damaging the environment.

9. Brookefields Mall

In the bustling heart of Coimbatore, you can find Brookefields Mall, an exceptional location for an outdoor prewedding photoshoot. This urban spot, with its contemporary architecture, offers a distinctive backdrop for couples who seek a modern and urban feel in their pre wedding photography, adding a touch of uniqueness to their marriage memories captured in these frames.

Shooting tips:

* Use the different colors and lighting within the mall to create unique and dynamic shots.
* Experiment with different angles and framing techniques.

10. Black Thunder Theme Park

Black Thunder Theme Park offers a vibrant and exciting location for prewedding photography. With its fun rides and colorful surroundings, couples can indulge in playful and memorable shots.

Shooting tips:

* Avoid crowds and choose lesser-visited spots within the park.
* Use different rides and attractions as backgrounds for your photos.


Coimbatore’s diverse regions and scenic landscapes make it a perfect outdoor photoshoot destination for couples, especially for pre-wedding photography. From tranquil waterfalls to the adrenaline-pumping atmosphere of racetracks, every location within this city is ideal for creating everlasting memories of love before marriage. Couples can choose from various sites that perfectly capture their relationship’s essence and romance, making their pre-wedding photoshoot a unique celebration of their upcoming wedding.

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