Capturing the Essence of Life The Beauty of Candid Moments in Photography

Wedding Photography: 4 Tips on How to Capture the Perfect Candid Wedding Photos


A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and capturing the perfect candid moments can make the memories even more special. Candid wedding photography showcases the genuine emotions and natural interactions between the bride, groom, and their loved ones. In this article, we’ll discuss four tips to help you achieve the perfect candid wedding photos.

Tip 1: Look Away from the Camera

Instead of staring directly into the camera lens, try looking away or focusing on something else. This can create a more natural, relaxed atmosphere in your photos. Direct eye contact with the camera can sometimes feel forced or staged, which takes away from the open, genuine feel of the moment.

Tip 2: Engage with Your Loved One Naturally

Natural interaction is key when it comes to capturing candid wedding photos. Don’t be afraid to show your love for your partner through hugs, kisses, or even a simple touch. Your photographer will be able to capture the true essence of your relationship through these candid moments, creating a more authentic and memorable set of wedding photos.

Tip 3: Take a Walk

Sometimes the simplest activities can lead to the most candid and beautiful moments. Your photographer may suggest walking with your partner, bridal party, or family members during the wedding day. This can help you forget about the camera and focus on enjoying the moment, translating into more natural and candid photos.

Tip 4: Always Communicate with Your Wedding Photographer

Having an open line of communication with your wedding photographer is important. Let your photographer know if you prefer a more candid approach to your wedding photos. A pre-wedding consultation can help you understand each other’s expectations and ensure the perfect candid wedding photography experience.

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Choosing Yabesh Wedding Photography

At Yabesh Wedding Photography, Yabesh Chandrasekar will work closely with you to capture the perfect candid wedding photos. With his experience and expertise, he’ll tell your unique love story through beautiful, natural images.


Candid wedding photography is all about capturing genuine moments and emotions. By following these four tips, you’ll ensure that your wedding photos truly reflect your special day. Remember to look away from the camera, engage naturally with your loved one, take a walk, and communicate with your wedding photographer. By doing so, you’ll create a beautiful, candid record of your wedding that you can cherish for a lifetime.


What is candid wedding photography?
Candid wedding photography captures genuine emotions and natural interactions between the couple and their loved ones.

Why is candid wedding photography important?
Candid wedding photos provide an authentic and heartfelt representation of your special day, allowing you to relive the emotions and memories for years.

How do I communicate my preferences to my wedding photographer?
Schedule a pre-wedding consultation with your photographer to discuss your preferred photography styles and the overall vision for your wedding photos. Clear communication will help you and your photographer understand each other’s expectations.

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