Explore the variety of pre-wedding shoot packages in Tamilnadu, from themes and budget to photographers and locations. Find the perfect fit for your special day!

Pre-Wedding Shoot Packages in Tamilnadu: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you planning a wedding in Tamil Nadu? Pre-wedding shoot packages can capture the most romantic memories of your special day. Let’s explore the right package, whether you’re after a traditional, rustic, modern, or bohemian theme.

Understanding Pre-Wedding Shoots


A pre-wedding shoot, or an engagement shoot, is a photo session before the wedding day. It provides the couple with beautiful photos that celebrate their love story.


Pre-wedding shoots, especially when utilizing the right Pre-Wedding Shoot Packages, are not just about the photographs. They’re about expressing the profound connection between you and your partner. These photos encapsulate your genuine, uninhibited love, forging memories to cherish forever.

Choosing the Perfect Theme


Traditional Pre-Wedding Shoot Packages focus on capturing the heart of your cultural lineage. Whether set against a historic monument or a temple, this theme beautifully reflects the roots of your partnership.


Rustic pre-wedding shoots have a countryside feel and are perfect for couples who share a love for nature. Whether it’s a barn, farm, or woodland, this theme captures the charm of simple, rural life.


Modern themes are trendy, reflecting the contemporary lifestyle of the couple. Cityscapes, trendy cafes, or stylish architecture form the backdrop for these shoots.


Bohemian pre-wedding shoots are for the free-spirited couple. With a mixture of unique, colourful, and vintage elements, this theme exudes a vibe of freedom and creativity.

Setting the Budget


The basic package suits couples who want a simple yet beautiful pre-wedding shoot. It typically includes a few hours of shooting, with some basic editing.


The classic package is a step up and includes more hours of shooting, more edited photos, and potentially some printed images.

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The premium package is ideal for couples wishing for a lavish pre-wedding shoot. It includes a longer shooting duration, a more significant number of edited photos, prints, and sometimes even a video.


The luxury package is for couples who want an extravagant photoshoot. This includes everything in the premium package, plus extras like multiple locations, outfit changes, professional makeup and hair, and a top-tier photographer.

Determining the Duration

The duration of the shoot depends on the package chosen. It can range from 3-5 hours for basic packages, 8-10 hours for classic and premium packages, to 12-15 hours for luxury packages.

Selection of Photographer and Videographer


A traditional photographer or videographer focuses on posed shots and scripted videos. They provide structured images and videos that capture the formal aspect of your love story.


A candid photographer captures spontaneous and genuine moments. These photographs are usually filled with emotion and authenticate the story of your love.

Fine Art

A fine art photographer considers every shot a piece of art. They have a creative and innovative approach to photography, providing unique and artistic images.

Videographer Options

You can opt for traditional, cinematic, or aerial styles for videography. Traditional videography records the event as it happens, while cinematic videography tells a story, and aerial videography provides a bird’s eye view of the shoot location.

What the Package Includes

The pre-wedding shoot package typically includes photoshoots, videos, editing, and prints. However, the details vary depending on the package you choose.

Pricing Details

In Tamilnadu, pre-wedding shoot costs start from Rs. 40,000 for basic options, escalating to over Rs.1,00,000 for luxury packages.

Additional Factors

Involvement of Family and Friends

Including your loved ones in your pre-wedding shoot can add a fun and personal touch to your photos.

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Choosing the Time of Year

The season can significantly influence your photos’ vibe and look. From summer’s lively hues and winter’s cozy feel to monsoon’s romantic allure, every season offers a distinct charm.

Selection of Outfits

The outfits you wear should complement the theme of your shoot. Whether it’s traditional attire for a classic look or casual wear for a more relaxed vibe, your outfits play a vital role in setting the tone of your photos.

Use of Props

Props can add an element of fun and creativity to your shoot. From flowers and balloons to candles and vintage items, props can add depth and context to your photos.

Scouting the Best Locations

Tamilnadu offers a plethora of beautiful locations for your pre-wedding shoot. From pristine beaches to majestic temples, historic forts to serene gardens, you can choose a location that best suits your theme.

Photography Styles

Depending on your preference, you can opt for different photography styles, such as candid, posing, or natural light.

Videography Styles

Similarly, in videography, you have options like cinematic, documentary, and aerial styles.

Importance of Editing

Editing is crucial in enhancing the visual appeal of your photos and videos. It involves adjusting the colour grading, contrast, sharpness, and more to ensure the final output is flawless.

Understanding Prints

Prints allow you to cherish your pre-wedding photos in physical form. They can be in the form of albums, canvases, or even personalized mugs.


Overall, pre-wedding shoot packages in Tamil Nadu offer creative and fun photography experiences with plenty of value for money. From beautifully crafted backdrops to high-quality editing services, you can ensure that your memories will remain timeless forever. Whether a casual engagement party or an extravagant wedding ceremony, these packages will perfectly capture all the special moments!

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What is a pre-wedding shoot?
A pre-wedding shoot captures your upcoming marriage’s joy, excitement and anticipation. Yabesh Photography offers unique and creative photography services to capture these special moments for couples who will soon tie the knot. Our professional photographers create beautiful memories that last forever.

How much does a pre-wedding shoot in Tamilnadu cost?
Pre-wedding shoot costs vary based on the type of package chosen. Generally, packages range from ₹15000 to ₹40000 depending on photography duration and number of locations included. Personalized services such as makeup artists or videography can be added for an additional fee.

What does a pre-wedding shoot package include?
A pre-wedding shoot package typically includes photoshoots, videos, editing, and prints. However, the specifics depend on the package chosen.

What are the different themes for a pre-wedding shoot?
Pre-wedding shoots can follow many different creative and romantic themes. Examples include outdoor settings, vintage style or holiday vibes, naturalistic celebrations in nature like fields of wildflowers and even fun props such as swings or bicycles. Whatever your wedding theme is, there’s sure to be an engaging way to capture it before the big day!

How long does a pre-wedding shoot last?
Pre-wedding shoots typically span between 2 and 4 hours, depending on the desired photo requirements. Our professional photographers will ensure we capture all your special moments, allowing you plenty of time to relax and enjoy each other’s company before exchanging your vows.

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