Wedding Photography

Our style is based on letting the scenes flow without intervening in them. We try to create an environment of trust and closeness with our own boyfriends, relatives and other guests to make the report from the spontaneity and that everyone can get involved and ask us for all the portraits they want. We capture the most important moments and the most improvised actions, with closeness and naturalness.

Two photographers come to each wedding. From the beginning, one is dedicated to the bride and another to the groom to document the moments prior to the ceremony such as the makeup and hairstyle of the bride, snapshots in the family home and later entry and waiting in the church. The coverage of both the ceremony and the banquet is very well taken care of and covers everything that the bride and groom can desire due to our professionalism and experience. We remain at the party after the banquet where there are always very funny moments that give rise to photos full of joy and spontaneity that will be a fabulous memory.

Subsequently selected, edited and retouched the best photographs, to deliver a report of 1000 to 1200 photos, all with files in High Quality, with which you can make all the copies you want. The result of our work is exceptional and different. We have a lot of experience of the weddings and we are involved with love and passion in photographing this unforgettable day.