Candid Photography

Tip to choose the Candid photographer of your wedding, you and your Candid photographer will have much to talk about, because many different moments will happen before, during and after the wedding (and you will want photos of all). Photographing a wedding party is part of photojournalism and party photo posadas. You want the Candid wedding photographer to be prepared for the unexpected. During your conversation with her or him, ask about style, knowledge and experience.

You should get a Candid photographer to observe the people around you.

For you will certainly want your wedding photos to be captured by the Candid photographer’s discretion, where not only the most important moments of the ceremony and the party are recorded, but also the moments of deep connection between the bride, groom, family and guests .

Imagine the Candid photographer standing at the entrance of the Wedding Hall while the bride waits with her father to enter the hallway. They do not speak a single word, but the father touches her face with his fingers, so softly that her eyes fill with tears. The corner of her mouth moves slightly and her father’s face softens.

This is the kind of photo you want on your wedding album. Make sure you give the photographer all the details of the Wedding Hall and the place of the party, but most of all, what you want to see and keep for a lifetime.

Take the time you need to explain all this to the Candid photographer during your conversation.

If so, write how you want your wedding album to be before you meet the Candid photographer to give you more accurate guidance. If necessary, talk continuously with the Candid photographer until the wedding day, marking as many meetings as necessary. However, remember that although the Candid photographer is a professional, it is YOUR marriage.