These Will Be The 10 Most Emotional Moments in Your Wedding

One of the most important days of your life is approaching. You have mentally reviewed each of the moments trying to imagine how they will happen, and you cannot help but feel a mixture of equal parts of nerves, emotion, an illusion.
Each wedding is a world, and of course, yours is going to be the most special for you because it will be full of unique moments that you will wish will last forever. However, some moments will inevitably cause you an emotion difficult to describe with words. These are the ten most emotional moments that you will live at your wedding:

  1. When you look in the mirror, and finally you look like a bride
    You have already done the dress tests, but today the great day has arrived! You are combed, and make-up and you look at the mirror with an emotionally challenging to explain. Other equally special moments will be when your parents see you looking radiant. Surely you miss some Carmilla!
  1. Arrival at the place of the ceremony
    You go in the car and your heart races when you get to the site of the service. Your future husband is waiting for you, and a group of family and friends did not want to miss the moment of seeing you get out of the car. Finally, you see your boyfriend; the moment has come!
  1. The entrance to the church
    Imagine that pastille while you see the infinity of familiar faces dedicating a smile, words of approval and sure that some tears when you see you enter the path to the altar. If your partner is waiting for you there, seeing him at the end of the corridor will be an image you will never forget.
  1. The words of those people you love so much
    It is usual in the ceremony that a friend, your brother or any other person that is special for you dedicate a few words to you. Do not forget the handkerchief, because you will need it!
  1. Yes I want
    You’ve seen it in the movies, at the weddings of your friends … At last, it’s your turn! During the ceremony, you will have complicit looks and nerves, but without a doubt, the moment that will most excite you will be the “I do.”
Figure Beautiful Wedding Weddings Wedding
  1. Departure from the place of the ceremony
    Once you have become husband and wife, you will leave the Church or the location of the civil service to meet again with your guests. They have prepared some surprise for you: a grain of rice, flower petals, confetti…
  1. The first dance
    You have chosen it with care to surprise all your guests, and you have also danced it countless times so that everything goes well. It is the moment to put into practice the rehearsed and especially to enjoy with the music of one of the most unforgettable and romantic moments of your wedding.
  1. The toast
    The first toast for you and your happiness will be unique. You will hear comforting and emotional words that will only confirm that you are on the most important day of your life.
  1. The delivery of the bouquet
    Your best friend, your sister … Surely you have the perfect candidate or candidate to receive your bridal bouquet. Keep the uncertainty for that person also takes a surprise. He will love it!
  1. The arrival of a distinguished guest that you thought would not be there
    You thought I would not get to your wedding but, there it is! He has made a great effort to be with you on this great day. Seeing all your friends and the people you want to be gathered for you will make you feel like the luckiest person in the world.

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