The 5 Best Wedding Photography Tips For Beginners

The videos of weddings and wedding photos are increasingly in demand. We have ready a collection of wedding photography tips for all those who want to take this opportunity.

We are going to give you the keys to get a brilliant wedding album and make the couple of smile when they see these memories.

 We recommend you to help them calm down before the session and know how to get it right in the photos with these tricks, so that you can get, as a team, a fun and original photo session.

Prepare all your equipment, notebook and paper to take note of all the tips that we are going to give you: we started our 5, plus one, wedding photography tips!

1. Take into account the technique

There are many types of photography, styles and preferences. A good wedding photographer develops his own style and manages to differentiate himself from others.

 We must bear in mind that we should not use a very intense flash to avoid interrupting the wedding.

To achieve dynamic and professional photographs, we must work with light, depth of field and composition of the image. Follow the following tips and you will get a perfect wedding photograph to remember.

Work with natural light

At weddings we do not have all the lighting equipment of the studio, so we must strive to find the best benefits of natural light: warmth, naturalness, closeness…

To get the most out of our wedding reports with natural light, we must play with the brightness of the focus, the shutter, the ISO and our flash (although you already know that you should not abuse).

Play with shallow depth of field

Totally related to light, we have the depth of field, or what is the same: create a focus on a specific element or on the image (depending on the opening its).

This resource serves to focus attention on a subject or object, as we can see in the earlier image, where the groom is the protagonist of the scene.

Work the compositions

Wedding photos cannot be monotonous and boring, as the bride and groom will expect them to be a reflection of how much they enjoyed in their day. For this you must look for a powerful, fun and creative frame according to what you want to convey.

Take advantage of the architectural elements that surround the ceremony, of the light patterns that are created naturally, of the spaces that allow creating an envelope framing…

2. The photo report is better as a team

During the wedding there are many special moments that the bride and groom want to keep in the wedding photo album. That is why one of our tips for planning wedding photography is to go as a couple or, at least, with two cameras.

The use of two bodies and two lenses will allow you to work with two SLR simultaneously, which means having two different photography methods and configurations always at hand.

Obviously, if we work as a team we can take more than two goals, but you cannot forget a wide-angle (10-20mm), to capture the scene, and a normal lens (50-80mm).

If the wedding is outdoors, our tips for wedding photography change, because with a telephoto lens and with lots of natural light, you will get spectacular images.

The presence of two photographers at the same time also allows a second approach to poses for photos. One of them will take the most traditional photographs; the other will take pictures of the most original couple.

Your best friend will be the burst mode

Nerves, tension and the situation, in general, can cause people to come away with expressions that are especially rare and unflattering. Therefore, as well as looking for different capture points, we must take more than one photograph for each scene.

Although we multiply the number of photos, at least, we will guarantee a good result. It is not as much as using the burst as a submachine gun, but saving successive shots so that you can choose the best later.

3. Look for inspiration

We continue with the tips for wedding photography, now with the simplest and most listened to: look for inspiration before starting the photo session.

Find original wedding photos will not be practical just for you, also for the couple who can use it as a reference.

Google Photos, Pinterest, your own catalog … everything is valid to seek inspiration and perfect the language of your photography.

4. Observer

In addition to taking prepared photographs, our responsibility is to be attentive to everything that happens during the wedding. All the time!

We have to capture the couple, family and friends, being themselves, enjoying the moment and creating their memories. Our job will be to immortalize them.

You must be methodical. Our tips include capturing all the moments with the affection that the assistants put in the photography of the weddings. Try to be attentive to everything you see and take more photos than you need to erase later.

 Whenever I prepare wedding reports, the biggest smiles come out with natural photographs, where beauty and realism are taken by hand in the photos of the wedding guests.

5. Take care of the details

The fifth element of our list of photography tips for weddings goes a step beyond how to pose in photos and capture the essence of people.

The wedding images must also capture the elements surrounding the ceremony and celebration: the dress, the cufflinks, the wedding invitations, the signature book…

There are many tricks on how to make beautiful photos, but there is no written rule. Each wedding has its differentiating elements, each couple has their personality and our job is to talk with them to be in line.

You can also take things to photograph during weddings, you can develop your most original ideas in photography for weddings … The most important thing is that you know how to capture the essence of each object and what it transmits.

My last tip for wedding photography is that wedding photos are not made and that’s it. You have to take care of the process, as we have seen, and you have to work with the photographs afterwards to finish giving them that differentiating personality.

It is vital that the image is well taken, with the right light and the protagonists come out natural. But through photographic editing we can repair defects in light, create more impressive effects and highlight some aspects of others.

 Being the best wedding photographer goes far beyond photography and editing. If you want them to call you and count on you, put at the same level our photography tips in weddings and the deadlines for delivery and editing. So your best asset will be the recommendations they receive.

Follow our photography tips for weddings and transform your photographs into works of art. Elevate your category of “wedding photographer” to the next level. Turn a photo report into a memory to show with pride.

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