How much time do you need to arrange the perfect wedding?

Organize your wedding step by step

The calendar with all the details for you to organize your wedding step by step
Wedding bells ring for you and the time has come to start thinking about the preparations. We imagine that right now the question that comes to your mind is, and where do I start ?, and above all, how much time in advance I have to reserve the place for the ceremony, the space for the celebration, the suppliers, etc. to not be overwhelmed at the last minute?

Candid Wedding Photography Highlights Yabesh Photography How much time do you need to arrange the perfect wedding?

The usual thing when you start organizing your wedding is that all these doubts assault you and that you consider how much time you will have to invest in being able to take care of the details and that everything goes perfectly.

To help you with all this, in Wedding Venues Place we have set to work, and we have prepared a calendar with all the list of tasks that you will have to do so you can fully enjoy one of the happiest days of your life.

So that the bull does not catch you, get to work at your wedding as soon as possible. The countdown begins!

A good organization is essential so that you do not miss any detail, so we recommend you buy a notebook or open a file on your computer to help you keep track of budgets, appointments, ideas or any issues that arise around to the wedding.

What decisions to take one year before?
wedding calendar one year before

Religious wedding or a civil marriage? Church, town hall or courthouse?
If you and your partner have decided to get married in the church, it is time to start visiting temples and consult the available dates. Many churches have a very tight schedule, so the sooner you begin to look there will be more chances that you can choose.

If your choice is the town hall or the court, it is also the time to inform you about the procedures you will have to carry out and start as soon as possible with them.

If you want to know what are the procedures that you will have to carry out so much to marry for the Church as for the civil thing, do not miss our article “Civil or religious wedding? What procedures do I have to carry out?”

Establish a budget
To mark a budget is always very interesting so that the expenses of the wedding do not shoot. Think about the approximate amount you want to invest in your big day and do not lose sight of it if you do not want to take a big surprise when you start paying suppliers.

Also, it is essential that you do not stay with only one budget; it is always advisable to ask several so you can compare and stay with the one that interests you the most.

You may also be interested in how much does it cost to get married in Spain?

Guest List
It is necessary to make a draft with the list of people that you would like to accompany you on your big day since the number of guests will depend on the space you choose for the celebration.

Our recommendation is that you prepare 3 lists: Those that cannot be absent, that include direct family and close friends; the ones you would like them to be , who are indirect family, close friends and co-workers; and finally; to whom you would invite if there is space, i.e., family and work commitments.

It is also essential that you bear in mind that if you celebrate the wedding in the city where you live, the usual thing is that 10% of the guests fall, and if you do it outside, it is normal for you to fail 20%.

Space for the banquet
Think of the place where you would like to celebrate the link. Do you fancy a renowned restaurant, prefer a luxury hotel or would you like a place in the countryside like a farmhouse, a farm or a hamlet ?. In terms of space, there are lots of options: restaurants, wineries, hamlets, castles, farmhouses, areas with views or on the beach, farms or hotels … can be beautiful places for your wedding. The wedding style you have also thought is another factor that will condition the space you choose. Would you like a country wedding, an urban wedding, a wedding at sea…? Each marriage has a perfect area, but you have to find it.

In VenuesPlace, as specialists in spaces for events, we know that finding the ideal place is not easy, but in this, we can help you. We have a selection of over 1900 spaces throughout Spain where we can celebrate this special day.

If you need help to find the place for your wedding, consult our platform or visit : and in our space search service, venue finder will be happy to advise you. It is a personalized and free service in which you can request a quote for different spaces, and you will get a response in less than 24 hours.

Set date
Are you clear on what time you would like to get married, do you prefer the summer months or maybe the winter months ?. If you have doubts when making this decision, do not miss the article ” Where do I get married according to the season of the year? “, In which we tell you the pros and cons of each season and the ideal spaces for each one of them. Them. We are sure that it will help you to decide!

Once you make the decision, you must square the day of the ceremony with space for the banquet. Voilà! You already have the date for your wedding.

What to choose eight months before?
wedding calendar eight months before

Search photographer
Take a look at the wedding photos of your family and friends and do some research online to find inspiration on the type of photos you would like to have as a reminder of your big day. Most photographers post their work on the network, so you can see a sample and choose the one that best suits you.

A video of the wedding is also a precious memory that you will keep for a lifetime, so you can evaluate the possibility of hiring both services.

Although do you know what the latest trend in weddings that are held outdoors is? Use a drone to record the celebration and project it during the dance.

Choose catering
If the space you have chosen does not have its kitchen, you will have to bring a catering service. If you have questions about how to select this service, do not miss: “The keys to choosing the best catering for your wedding.”

You can also ask the space to recommend the caterings with which you usually work and choose between them.

Ask them to propose several menu proposals so you can see the type of food they offer and is left to do a test later.

Catch up on bridal fashion and choose the dress
The time has come for you to start thinking about the best-kept secret of the bride: the dress. Take a tour of the bridal shops in your city and if you prefer a unique design, make an appointment at the atelier of a designer specializing in bridal fashion.

What to plan six months before?
wedding calendar six months before

Request of Hand
Although it is an act that not all couples organize, the demand for a hand is a tradition that remains in many families, and that serves to make the families of the couple know and formalize the wedding.

The usual thing is to organize a meal or dinner at the bride’s house to which the closest family usually go.

Design some beautiful invitations
Currently, you have many options to prepare messages. You can opt for the classic card, design a more personalized message or even make an invitation online and send it by email.

Guest moves
If you are going to celebrate a wedding in which it is necessary to travel, hire a bus service for the guests. You will avoid that they take the car and they will thank you. You can include this information in the envelope of the invitation.

The honeymoon is the great moment to travel to the dream destination. Think where you would like to go on a trip and start asking for quotes from travel agencies. It is also essential that you take into account the best times to travel to each destination and avoid the rainy or hurricane seasons of individual countries.

When you choose a destination, check that you have your passport in order and, if not, ask for time as soon as possible to renew it. Moreover, if you are going to travel to a country where vaccination is necessary, inform yourself in your city’s International Vaccination about all the details.

Dj or live music
There is no wedding without a dance, so it is mandatory that you hire a DJ or a live music band that brightens the wedding. Alternatively, why not both? What do you think of a live band for a cocktail hour and a DJ for the dance?

What to do four months before?
wedding calendar four months before

Menu test
It is essential that you do a menu test to ensure that all the dishes that are served at your wedding are of your liking, so ask the restaurant or catering to make a menu proposal and set a day to try it.

Order alliances
Do not wait until the last moment to buy the memberships.

Delivery the invitations
Choose the way to get the calls as quickly as possible. To the closest relatives and friends you can give them to them in person and to the rest by postal mail or email, if you have opted for an electronic invitation. Do not forget to ask the guests to confirm their attendance.

Wedding list
If you want to avoid your guests going crazy thinking about what they give you, or want to avoid gifts that you do not know what to do with them, it is best to opt for the wedding list. Currently, online directories have become very popular and are a very comfortable option for both the guests and the couple.

Do not forget to include the information on your wedding list in the invitation.

What issues with organizing 2 months before?
wedding calendar two months before

Wedding decoration and floral ornamentation
If you are thinking of a personalized wedding and full of details, it is time to define and buy the decorative elements that help create a unique atmosphere.

As for the flowers, go to a specialist in floral ornamentation for weddings and tell him which flowers are your favorite so that you can configure your bridal bouquet, the floral centers for the tables, etc. Our advice is to choose seasonal flowers and ask for a previous quote.

Hairdressing and makeup test
For any bride to be beautiful the day of her wedding is essential, so avoid the scares and ask for time at your hairdresser for an analysis of hair and makeup. So you can talk in advance with your stylist and agree with what look you want for your big day.

Preparations for last, hour 1 month before
wedding calendar
Organization of tables
One month before the link, it is most likely that most of the guests have confirmed their attendance, which will allow you to carry out an organized plan of the tables.

Last dress test
Do it a few days before the wedding in case there is any small detail to touch up. Usually, it is very reasonable that due to the nerves of the marriage many brides rare the last days, so it is essential that you leave this test for the last moment so they can adjust the dress correctly.

Yes, we know, after reading our article you are sure that you have much work ahead of you. Moreover, for that reason, so that you do not overlook a single detail, we have prepared the following list of tasks so that you have clear what you have to do from the moment you decide to get married until your wedding day

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