Ideas to celebrate your anniversary without leaving home COVID 19

Anniversary ideas
The date of your anniversary is approaching and surely you are already thinking of anniversary ideas to surprise your partner. There are many ways to celebrate an anniversary, but this year we have to get our imagination going. Due to COVID, in many localities, we cannot go out to dinner or celebrate it on the street. If you are looking for ideas to prepare for a romantic anniversary at home, we have several proposals to make you with which you will surely succeed.

9 ideas to celebrate your anniversary at home
Breakfast in bed
Start the day in a romantic way with breakfast for two served in bed. Prepare a breakfast that is out of the ordinary: some pancakes, fresh fruit, coffee, cheeses … Write a card with a special message and put it on the tray along with some tied heart balloons to decorate.

Romantic dinner
Preparing a suggestive dinner between the two of you can be very romantic. It is not worth staying in pajamas: dress for the occasion and decorate the dining room and the table. Some metallic balloons with the date or the years that you have been together will be great to give a shiny touch to the table. If you don’t feel like cooking, you can always order food delivered from your favorite restaurant.

Movie at home
An anniversary idea at home after a romantic dinner is to watch a movie that you both like. Prepare the popcorn and turn off the lights to set up your home theater session. Many couples have their first dates at the movies… and their first kisses! Isn’t it cool to look back on that moment?

Decorate your room
Imagine filling the ceiling of your room with floating heart balloons. You will create a shocking effect and you only need balloons and a helium bottle. Put rose petals on the bed and some chocolate to sweeten the moment. Leave a few glasses of cava on the table to toast. To add more atmosphere, put on soft music and light some scented candles. What happens after we leave it to your imagination.

Wine tasting
If your partner is fond of enology, try becoming a sommelier for a day and prepare a wine tasting. Choose a white or rose wine, a red, and a sparkling to finish. Prepare small bites with foods that pair with each wine. White and pink go very well with sushi. Choose a cheese board or patés for the red wine and leave the cava to toast with some strawberries.

Chocolate tasting
If wine is not your thing, how about organizing a chocolate tasting just for the two of you? Make some quality and specialty chocolates. You can choose more exotic chocolates like ruby or spiced chocolates with pink pepper. Choose foods that go well together to surprise your partner’s palate. Nuts, some cheeses, and both fresh and dehydrated fruits are infallible.

A homemade picnic
For couples who enjoy field trips, a good anniversary idea is to have a picnic at home. In the details is the key. Find a warm blanket on which to have your picnic and prepare a picnic with the comfort of being at home. Dumplings, sponge cake, sandwiches, and homemade lemonade are fun options for a very original anniversary lunch.

The box of memories
An emotional and fun anniversary game is the “memory box” game. Prepare a decorated box and fill it with memories of your relationship. They can be plane tickets, photos, a movie or theater ticket, cards … The game consists of recalling together the anecdotes and memories that these objects evoke.

Better with music
Prepare a list of songs that have a special meaning for you and create your own anniversary soundtrack. You can even dare to dance in an environment as intimate as your home.

You already know what to do on a homemade but very romantic anniversary. It is a very important date for many couples and we must not give up having a celebration in style. Of course, better with these anniversary ideas at home with which you can enjoy without risks.