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Winter Wedding

winter-weddingWinter wedding Nowadays, popular wedding season is from April to September, but in ancient times it played a wedding in late autumn and winter. This article will tell how the pros have winter wedding and how to make it beautiful, it is not normal and not nearly as good a summer wedding.

And so, how to make that memorable winter wedding is not fierce cold and bleak scenery and happy memories, not the usual photos, happy moments for the guests and the newlyweds.

Your wedding in the winter, you need to provide:

  1. Let’s start with training. Besides all the usual hassle of wedding, you should carefully consider your outfit from underwear to outerwear.

Do not neglect nothing more, because the most important health. The bride, in order to stay warm at a wedding a walk and feel as comfortable as possible, it is best to dress warmly in there, beautiful things! (Otherwise the guests or the groom will have some sort of warm clothing quite ridiculous)

Under the dress, wear warm woolen leggings, now the choice is huge and you can find very interesting, which will decorate your photos.

On foot necessarily winter boots or white or the color of your wedding. Excellent will look white boots with unusual embroidery, they can be shod and groom, too, nothing accessory for winter wedding photo shoot. And if still under the boots to wear woolen socks, you will not freeze even in the coldest winter day.

Dress for the bride should choose natural fabrics, or with a special lining. Not bad to wear thermal underwear.

Fur coat, a must. It is possible to hire, ask a friend, and you can buy your own (good reason, girls ;).

On the head, you can throw a beautiful feather shawl, and if it is not your style, then choose the coat with a hood.

A perfect accessory for a photo shoot can be a warm scarf in the color of the wedding for both bride and groom.

Think of the pens they also do not need to freeze, what you “crow’s feet”. Bright mittens or elegant gloves you decide, as long as it was warm and comfortable. Just perfect fur muff.

The groom is also dressed up warm, no matter how Russian he was not a hero. With him of course everything is much simpler: wool suit underneath thermal underwear, warm winter shoes or boots for the company with the bride, mittens and winter gloves, winter coat or a coat (! No jacket, for that would look solid, no worse than the bride) If the hard frosts are expected, then still have to wear a hat.

In order not to freeze your guests and happy to join your celebrations, thoughtful and warm shoes for them. An excellent option would be IGO, they are warm and cheap, and the photographs will be something in common the same for all guests.

  1. Here you equip beautifully convenient, and most importantly for a winter wedding, warm. It is not going to look at your wedding photo shoot “icicles.”

Photos and a walk. In winter, more options and accessories than in summer photos, pictures obtained are not necessarily, in the winter magic.

To fit all the fun winter fun:

Skating in severe weather, you can go to the indoor rink.

Ski, ride a couple of meters to the magical forest.

Comic game snowballs provoke and warm room.

You can ride in a troika of horses with bells.

Sledge, if not for skiing, then as an accessory for a photo handy.

BLIND snow figurines (hearts, bride and groom, angel, swans)

Not to blend in with the snowy winter outdoors, the bride should think of colorful accessories for her outfit: a belt or other colored inserts on the dress, if it is white, colored shoes, gloves, scarf, and bouquet. Important things to be in one or two colors.

If you are not a fan of outdoor activities, and prefer to sit in the heat, it is possible to arrange a photo session in the room. See ideas for wedding photo shoots.

On the walk should take hot drinks, cakes and more nourishing. Hot tea in thermoses will be in demand among the guests, so you can warm up hot mulled wine.

  1. Winter Wedding associated with the tale, diamonds, purity, shine and a homey feel. Accordingly, the wedding decorations can think in accordance with these associations.

This fabulous bright colors: red, blue, cyan, original looks dark purple color, elegant gold color, for fans of the classics is possible to organize a black and white wedding.

In the design of the banquet hall, you can use glass beads, fir cones, shiny snowflake garlands snow various sequins, rhinestones, Christmas decorations. The most important thing to design your wedding was not like New Year’s celebration, unless of course she did not come for the holidays.

Candles will add romance and comfort.

  1. We would like to remind of the bride’s bouquet. It is necessary to choose flowers resistant to frost, or think about the bouquet handmade beaded, satin ribbons, buttons, Christmas tree decorations, fir branches with knobs, brooches, in a bouquet can also use the branches of mountain ash, and especially if you have the wedding will be in red.
  2. Treats the banquet should be hearty, unlike a summer wedding, winter after walking in the cold, it wakes up the appetite is not a joke. Get plenty of meats. In the summer just need a lot of water and juice, then in the winter they need to be not much, but it takes more alcohol than a summer wedding.
  3. At the time of registration of a better deal early to catch a ride by the light of the day as the winter it gets dark very early. And then this is the only minus wedding winter turn into a plus, because you can make some magical pictures in the dark, but still in a cheerful and joyful mood.


– Unusual wedding photos.

– Since the winter wedding season is not considered many of the services you provide at reduced prices or with a good discount.

– In winter, there are no long queues at the registry office in the summer.

– If you have your own garden, then many of the products you will not be purchased.

So again, not to forget:

– Dress warmly.

– Take a walk on the patties and hot tea.

– Think over accessories for a photo shoot on the face

– The bride’s dress should be colored elements.

– Decorate the banquet hall on the theme of winter, not the New Year.

– Choose a fade bridal bouquet.

– At the banquet must be hearty and plenty of cold cuts.

– On registration to the registrar are recording about 10 o’clock in the morning.

Let your winter wedding will be not normal, magic and chic like a diamond, and your house is always a coziness of the family hearth.