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What’s Love Story and pre-wedding photography?

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A multi-faceted creative process that consists of many different techniques, styles, elements and steps. And a crucial role in the process of shooting the wedding celebration plays Love Story and pre-wedding photography.

Love Story – a story of love bride and groom displayed on the photo and having a logical theatrical ending. The Love Story includes photographs dating and the first meeting, first date, kiss and dance. Love Story Script is thought out in advance, on the basis of which carried out shooting. This is of paramount importance place shooting Love Story, which can pick you up for a photographer at a wedding or you yourself. This can be a park, castle, river or sea. Newlywed photo session can be included in pre-wedding photo shoot, which is a broader concept.

Stage pre-wedding photography and includes photographs from the wedding salon, and a bachelorette party or bachelor party. In general, everything that happens before the wedding – preparation of bride trouble with the choice of clothes and accessories, experiment with a wedding hairstyle, sending invitations, fun bachelorette party and bachelor party.

Pre-wedding photography – is the preservation of exciting and unusual pre-wedding moments filled with emotions and hopes. And the main task of “lavstori” – displayed on all photographs unearthly feeling, experiencing love each other. Story Love – is a theatrical effect when displayed Picture Story and explore all of the first novelistic memorable moments. Photography Love story carried lovers planning a wedding and couples who are already married.