Wedding and modern technology

Wedding and Modern Technology – Possible and Impossible

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Wedding and Modern Technology – Modern technology is so firmly established in our lives, even at the wedding the bride is not released from the hands of the smart phone. Where is the line between complete rejection of gadgets and excessive usage per day celebrations? Read our article!

Say a firm “No” to these ideas

Opening in social networks all the details of the wedding preparation: from drawing up the menu to the cost of the decor, from the disputes with the groom on the guest list to the painful choice of bridesmaids dresses. Some things to know the guests do not have to!

Disposable cameras. With the advent of smart phones, the costs are no longer justified. And the quality of the resulting images is poor. And if you want authenticity, buy a Polaroid camera for instant photos or rent.

Wedding and modern technology: what is possible and what is impossible?


Wedding and modern technology

To place photos in social networks decor. Let your wedding concept, or at least some of its elements will be a surprise for your guests!

Photos during the ceremony. Apart from the fact that the additional flashes and distracting details can greatly complicate the work of a professional photographer, your guests will miss all the fun of trying to catch a good picture.

Distracted by a smart phone during the ceremony. Seriously, what could be more important?

Wedding and modern technology

Criticize gifts guests at social networks. Do not forget about the sense of tact and politeness simple: take all the gifts with gratitude and do not discuss them publicly. And remember that the important thing at a wedding – not gifts.

Do not part with your phone. Of course, to answer all the congratulations on social networks and put photos from the ceremony in instagram – it is very exciting, but do not forget about the real world. While you are checking how many likes gathered your bridal bouquet, you can skip the toast to the parents or cheerful competition from the master.

Update your “marital status.” Just put it on tomorrow, and the day of the festival enjoy the moment.

Wedding and modern technology: what is possible and what is impossible?

Wedding and modern technology


And here are a few ideas that you can safely say “Yes!”


Mudbord to Pinterest. Collect inspirational wedding photos in one place – it will help you not only decide on the décor and styling, but also clearly convey their wishes to the contractors. But be sure to limit the privacy let preview will be available only to you and your wedding team, not all guests.

Your wedding website. It greatly simplifies the preparation of the wedding, if you are planning a big celebration, and you do not have time to discuss all the important issues with each guest individually. On his page you will be able to place all the necessary information: directions to the ceremony and banquet space, requests for the dress code, and even the current weather forecast!

Make selfi or two. Or ten! Why not? Luxurious dress, professional make-up and hairstyle, a good mood – this is the great thing selfi on the first try!

Wedding and modern technology: what is possible and what is impossible?


Wedding and modern technology


Hashtag wedding. Ask guests to publish all pictures from a wedding in social networks under a single hashtag – so you create a virtual collective photo essay of this magical day!

Using file sharing to share photos from the wedding. Or put them in indoor photos in social networks (access to which will be the only guests). It will save you a lot of time that you can spend on something to personally sign all thank you cards.

Dynamic video or photos taken with a bird’s-eye view – a real fairy tale! But be sure to discuss all the technical aspects of shooting with the photographer in advance.

GoPro in a bouquet of the bride. Conduct your own report from the wedding, not being distracted from what is happening – a great idea!

Broadcast wedding online. If your family or friends live in another city and do not have the opportunity to come to the celebration, conduct online broadcast of the wedding. So you’ll be close to at least virtually and be able to share the most important moments with loved ones.

Wedding and modern technology: what is possible and what is impossible?