Tips for Organizing your Wedding

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Commitment Announcement – If you have not yet announced, it is important that family and friends know about the wedding. They can notify you by formal reception, with a simple phone call or with an advertisement in the local newspaper. The important thing is that everyone knows when the Big Day will be.

Choosing a Wedding Theme and Style – It’s time to sit down with your partner to determine the style of the wedding. They will have to agree on place and style. It may be a traditional wedding or an informal ceremony on the beach but both should feel happy about the idea.

Budget – Once you decide the theme and style of the wedding it is very important to determine the budget and the economic responsibility of the expenses. Who will pay the wedding? Will both parents contribute? All involved must meet to make a real budget. It is very important that a concrete number is reached between all of them to fit him during the whole process. This will avoid surprises and startling.

Guests – Pencil and paper in hand you have to start scoring the people you want to invite. Four lists must be made: the bride’s, the groom’s, and the families. Later the four lists will be combined to create a definitive fifth.

Explore – Start visiting churches, temples, synagogues or chapels, depending on the religion you practice. Once the visits are made, reserve the date. It is important that you do it in advance. The demand is usually high and you probably want to keep the date chosen with your partner.

Wedding Magazines – It is important that you begin to identify the styles of dress you would like to look. You can do it through magazines or on the websites of your favorite designers.

Wedding planners – Interview with at least three wedding planners. Ask for references and budget.

Research the professionals – Remember that you will need a cameraman, photographer, DJ or musical groups to play and encourage the party. Interview with them and check their tapes, recordings and photos.

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Selecting the wedding planner – Once you’ve interviewed several wedding planners, it’s time for you to make a decision. Hire one and start discussing all the details with him.

Determine theme and decorations – It is important that you define with the organizer of your wedding the theme and decorations you want for reception.

Catering – Establishes appointments with different catering companies and requests to make tastings. You have to be sure that what is going to be served at your wedding is of good quality.

Musicians and DJ – Define who will be in charge of encouraging the reception of your wedding. Choose the music of the ceremony and make a first list of pieces for the party.

Cameraman and photographer – Once you have reviewed the videos and photographs of the professionals consulted, sign a contract with which you have selected to block the date. Make a list of the photos you would like to do and consult your ideas with professionals.

Flowers – Start identifying and interviewing companies that are dedicated to creating floral arrangements for weddings. Ask for budgets.

Ceremony – Call the chosen venue for the ceremony and determine the time for the rehearsals.

Reception – Define the place, negotiate the contract and leave a deposit to reserve the chosen date.

Hotel bookings for guests – There are always family members and / or friends who travel from their places of origin to attend the big day. Begin to conduct a search of hotels and airline tickets for the closest relatives and friends.

Bridal Dress Stores – Visit the local stores and start to try the designs that you like. It is important that you identify the style that best fits your personality.

Determine with your partner the budget for the honeymoon and identify the place they want to visit.


Selection of catering – The previous month you dedicated to interviewing catering companies and to taste their dishes. It is time to leave a deposit in the company that has met all your expectations.

Assistants – Identify some friends or relatives to help, advise and advise you. Listen to them all, though the last word should always be yours.

Wedding – Interview with the person in charge of officiating your wedding with your partner and discuss the terminology and words you want to use during the ceremony. They are always open to change. Do not be afraid to ask for what you want. Your ceremony has to be just as you dreamed it.

Honeymoon – Determine with your partner the budget for the honeymoon and identify the place they want to visit.

Wedding Dress – It’s time to decide and order.

Permits – If the wedding is to be held in a park, recreational area or on the beach, it is important to obtain the permits.

Godparents and Bridesmaids – Choose the godparents and bridesmaids and clarify with them their role in the ceremony.

Exercise –   If they are not yet registered, join a gym and ask the coach to organize a couple routine. They have enough time to work and tone the body. Both are the protagonists of the wedding and should look radiant.


Gifts – Visit some department stores that are to your liking and make lists of gifts. Keep in mind that not all guests have the same purchasing power. Be sure to register gifts with a wide margin of prices.

Coordination – Communicate with all your wedding suppliers so that the theme you have chosen can be incorporated into all aspects of your party.

Reception – Decide with your partner the food and liquors that will be served during the reception.

Song List – R realizes a selection of songs for reception. This way you will help the DJ to know your musical tastes and you will avoid surprises.

Headdress, veil, gloves and shoes – Choose all these accessories very carefully and try to do several tests. Once decided, order them.

Reservation for guests – Re-search for airline tickets and hotel reservations for guests. Prices may have gone down. Once the hotel and airlines have been decided, proceed with reservations.

Start looking for the rings. Compare the styles and prices of the models you’ve seen in jewelry stores.

Tips for organizing your wedding

Select the decoration of your tables well.


First test – During this month it is important that you ask your designer to make the first test of the wedding dress. You must not forget the shoes. Invite your maid of honor to accompany you.

Maid of Honor – Choose your maid’s dress and accessories.

Rings – Start looking for rings. Compare the styles and prices of the models that you have seen in the jewelry stores that can be found on the Internet. Try them out before you decide. Remember that it is something that you will use for life.

Florist – Meet the heads of the selected flower company and discuss with them your ideas for the wedding, themes and styles. Go to the meeting well informed. Do a previous search on the Internet and check magazines and photographs for inspiration.


Final Review – Meet with your wedding planner and review step by step all the details.

Ladies –  Communicate to all the ladies and gentlemen (if any) the costume tests and give them cards with the days and times in which they are going to take place. This way no one will miss the appointment.

Godparents – Meet your godparents and determine their wardrobe. You can ask for a certain color or style.

Dresses of the pages – Select the dress of the girl of the flowers and the suit of the small one that will take the rings.

Invitations – Determine the design, text, font and paper for invitation cards and thank you letters. Select a good press and order them.

Hotel of the guests – It is time to negotiate with the chosen hotel. Reserve a section or a floor of the hotel so that all your guests are together.


Order the ceremony – Meet with your wedding planner to review the order of all events.

Rings – It’s time to decide. Choose and order the rings that will accompany you forever.

Accessories – Next to your maid of honor you go shopping for all the accessories, jewelry, lingerie and everything you think you need for the big day.

Something fun – To avoid surprises, order something fun (but that is to your liking) so that the guests throw to you after the ceremony. They can be rose petals, confetti or the classic rice. Evaluate all the options and choose the one that best suits your wedding theme. Select something that will not ruin your dress.

Invitations – Visit the printing press to approve the proof of invitation cards.

Honeymoon – The time has come to approach several travel agencies to consult budgets. You can also accept ideas and suggestions from the agents of these companies. Listen to them, but always keep the last word.


Table Cards – Order cards for tables as well as wedding programs.

Honeymoon – Concrete the choice of destiny and begin to review the budgets of it.

Wedding Cake – Visit several bakeries and ask for the tasting of the cakes. Once you have chosen the one that is to your liking, specify the order and determine the time and place for delivery.

Rehearsal Dinner – Select the menu that will be served the night of the wedding and try it at a rehearsal dinner.

Wedding Night – Select and book the hotel where you will spend the first night as husband and wife.

Sit down with your partner and decide whether you want to use traditional vows or choose to write them yourself.


Write the invitations – Decide if you are going to do it yourself or if you are going to hire a professional to do it.

Marriage Vows – Sit with your partner and discuss whether they want to use traditional vows or choose to write them yourself.

Groom Suit – Accompany the groom to try various styles of tuxedos.

Groom’s Accessories – Buy or rent twins, shoes, stockings and all the groom’s accessories.

Honeymoon – Once you have chosen the destination and reviewed all budgets, you have to decide for the best option. Make the deposit and secure the reservation.


Invitations – Reviews and approves invitations, as well as wedding programs.

Lunch after the wedding – Reserve the restaurant where the lunch will take place after the wedding. Remember that only the closest friends and family will attend. Those of you who want to say goodbye before your honeymoon.

Bachelorette Party – Meet your friends and plan your farewell.

Lunch or dinner with the ladies – Relax for a while and go out to eat with your ladies. It is necessary for them to know each other and there is harmony in the group.

Stylist – Make an appointment with your stylist and discuss the style that will be most appropriate for your wedding and style. Remember that you have to line up with the wedding dress.

Gifts – Check your gift lists and incorporate any object that has been overlooked or is a novelty in the market.


Testing the Ladies – Coordinate one day with all your ladies to test your dresses. It is very important that they all attend.

Send the invitations – Buy stamps and send the invitations.

Final Test – Perform the final test of the wedding dress. From that moment, try not to gain weight or lose weight. Arranges the day, place and time for delivery.

Groom’s Test – Accompany your boyfriend for the first test of his wardrobe. Do not forget to bring the accessories.

Pre-Bridal Agreement – If you have decided to enter into a pre-marriage agreement, meet with your lawyer to discuss the points and clauses of it.

Transportation – Rent or make arrangements for the transportation that will transport you from the ceremony to the place of reception.


Camera – Buy a new camera if necessary. It is important that you record and document all the moments of these weeks of happiness. They will be unforgettable and you will want to remember them tomorrow.

Shipping – Send out the invitations for the rehearsal dinner.

Thank you cards – Start writing your thank-you cards as you receive the gifts. It will relieve the task since later you will only have to send them.

Confirmation – Confirm musical selection with musicians and DJ.

Selection – Select the menu for the post-wedding lunch.

Shopping – Buy a nice gift for your future husband.

Souvenirs – Ask the wedding planner to advise you of souvenir shops related to the chosen theme. Select the reminders that you like best and adapt to your wedding and buy them.

Honeymoon – You already have destination and reservations. It’s time to think about the costumes for the honeymoon, the accessories and the luggage. Take a day off and shop for everything you need.

Hairstyle Test – Make an appointment with your stylist and try the hairstyle you’ll wear on your wedding day. Do not forget to take into account the time it takes to do it.

Review and approve invitations, as well as wedding programs.


Confirmation – Confirm the order of the floral arrangements and the schedule of delivery.

Wedding Officer – Meet with the wedding official and discuss all the points of the ceremony.

Party Room – Determine where the musicians will be prepared, the DJ and what areas can be used so that they can rest without interrupting your party.

Tables – Organizing tables is a difficult task but not impossible. Feel your guests for families, friends and co-workers. Try to look for affinities when it comes to forming tables.

Hair Color – If you use dye make an appointment for a retouch the week before the wedding. You cannot do it on the last day.

Make-up – Perform a test with a professional make-up artist you know or have recommended. If you like your work, book it for the wedding day.

Photo and video – Last the details and the schedules of the photos and the video. Confirm that both professionals have all the correct addresses.

Pre-Bridal Agreement – In case you have chosen this option, make the appointment with the lawyer so that the agreement is signed during the course of this week.

Honeymoon – Check with your travel agent that the entire itinerary is in order. It confirms the schedules of the plane tickets, the addresses and telephone numbers of the hotel and the place where they will pick up the rental car. Also confirm the transport to and from the airport.

Marriage License – Apply for Marriage License. Be sure to call ahead and ask for the list of documents you need to bring with you.


Meeting – Meet with your wedding planner and check all delivery times. Cake, flowers, catering, drinks, etc. Review each and every service on the wedding day.

Calls – Communicate with all those who have not responded to the wedding invitation. It is possible that an invitation has not reached its destination or that a guest has forgotten to call to confirm. Take an afternoon to this task.

Manicure and pedicure – Make an appointment for the day before the wedding.

Pets and Plants – You have to make the necessary arrangements so that your pets and plants do not lack anything during the honeymoon.

Work – Each member of the couple should make an appointment with the Human Resources division of their respective companies in order to ask for advice about the roles they have to present once their marital status has changed. You should also apply for the forms to incorporate your partner into the health insurance.

Childcare –  If during the reception you are going to offer the care of the small children, make arrangements with a nanny agency and leave a deposit to reserve the day and time.


 Honeymoon – Go through your travel agency and collect all travel itineraries, car reservations, excursions and hotel. Keep them in your hand luggage, along with passports if necessary.

Pack up – The next few days will be full of emotions and last-minute tasks. It is important that you dedicate one day to pack together with your partner. They will have to review the destinations that they will visit, the reserved excursions and the climate in that time of the year. With all this information they must pack.

Travel Checks – Get some travelers checks to start the adventure smoothly. They can also change some money in the currency of the country they visit.

Moving – Make the necessary arrangements to send your things and those of your partner to the new house. It is advisable that a family member or a close friend is in charge of supervising the changes of both while they are of Honeymoon.

Checks for services – Meet with your wedding planner and write all the checks for the services that will be delivered on the wedding day. Organize them in envelopes and hand them over to the wedding organizer so that they can take care of distributing them.

Groom’s Hair Cut – Make sure the groom does not leave his hair cut for the day before the wedding.


Breakfast – Breakfast well. Not only will it be one of the most important days of your life, but it will also be a very lake day and full of emotions. You will need to be strong and focused and there is nothing better than a good breakfast.

Time – Give time for everything, the dress, the makeup, the headdress, everything has a process and you must live it with joy, not with anxiety.

Relax – Enjoy. The day has finally arrived and everything will be wonderful. Smile and do not forget the most important words of the day: Yes, I want!


Preserve the wedding cake – Ask a relative to freeze the first floor of the cake to enjoy with your partner during your first wedding anniversary.

Thank you cards – Review the thank you cards you already had and write the ones that are missing. Visit the mail and send them all together.

Conservation – Bring the wedding dress and veil to a dry cleaner that specializes in cleaning and preserving wedding dresses. Buy a nice box to keep when you deliver it.

Change of Last Name – Complete and send all necessary forms to change your maiden name to the married in the Driver’s License, Passport, Social Security, Banks, Credit Cards, etc.

Photos and videos – Make a call to the photography and video companies to see the first tests.

Print – Print the best pictures of the Honeymoon and put them in an album to share with your family friends.

Picture Frames – Buy a pretty close-up for the photograph that best represents the honeymoon and an elegant one and silver for the best wedding photography.

Be happy!