Tips bride as stress-free to arrange their own wedding

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Tips bride as stress-free to arrange their own wedding

Are you planning a wedding – congratulations! Many friends have probably told you that preparations for the wedding – a very complex process. But it should not happen to you. Through proven techniques, plus a little bit of forethought, and everything will be “without a hitch”.

Although I cannot be with you, to see you happy in the most magical day. But I can help you create a clear order that everything was perfect throughout the day.


The first thing you want to do when planning a wedding – is to create a list of everything that needs to be done to prepare for the wedding.

Even such mundane tasks as book a transfer, or things like rash wedding shoes, should be included in this list. Thus, nothing will be lost.

How to plan WEDDING RIGHT.

Usually, Preparing for a wedding: how to start?, and I think that’s enough time to please yourself. Thus, you get best of the best suppliers”

In this article I propose to list, which can be useful to you. You can add or delete tasks required for your wedding, if something is not true for your event, simply cross off it! For those tasks that matter, try to comply with the time frame as much as possible to eventually you do not have to do all the preparations, calculated for six months, one month before your wedding. Delays can also lead you to a poor choice between a pair of providers available to the largest margins when ordering printed materials at the last moment, and many other unpleasant consequences. This list can be changed to fit your own plan, since it is already formatted in order of priority.

The only task that can be done in advance – this seating of guests, because in my experience, the number of visitors is changing until the last moment.

If you find yourself too busy, consider encouraging their friends and family members to help you with specific tasks. For example, if the preparation of compliments from Honeymoon Guest impossible task – Enlist the support of family members, let them do all the “preparatory work” -they are likely to be thrilled, because love to be involved in this important process. The assignment of tasks you should always know when to stop – make sure you do not rely too much on a specific person, so no one was overloaded and failed the task.


First step.

To approve the budget.

Start making a list of offers based on the budget that you have approved.

Choose a venue for your wedding. If you decide to celebrate a wedding, keep in mind that you can lose most of the guests on your list, if choose a place where it will be difficult to reach.

Start studying and visiting selected sites. If you are planning a wedding, it’s a good time to schedule a visit to the facilities. You may have to spend a few days to visit possible sites for weddings and rehearsal spaces.

Make sure your passport in order and Get a phrase book if you are considering options for wedding abroad. You should also view the latest news in the selected region to make sure that the wedding you have chosen a place where there is no civil war, and that does not suffer from the disaster.

Set a date, based on the location of your wedding. If you are not tied to a specific date, you can contact the administrator to choose a place to help you determine the best date for the wedding of the budget (some places have lower prices during the off season and on weekdays).

Choose a wedding group (those who help with the organization, bridesmaids, groomsmen, witnesses). Try to limit the number within reasonable limits, especially if your budget is limited. Wedding large company, if there are three to five people.

Look at magazines and blogs for inspiring photos. Collect the selected photos in the “Inspiration”. You can also use the website, such as Pinterest, to make moldboard (Medford (Eng. Moldboard – «board mood”) – a visual representation of any project, a collage consisting of tissue samples, drawings, sketches, illustrations, etc.) that set the tone for your wedding.

Begin to look for wedding dresses, to see what fits you, what you are attracted to the designers. If you want to save money on a dress, try searching your favorite dress online. Once Wed and sell used Recycled Bride dresses online

Begin to pick engagement rings. This task you should definitely perform in person, instead of looking through the Internet.

Second step

Choose a wedding venue and set a date.

Start a website of their wedding

Finish creating the guest list with your families.

Think of the text wedding invitations

Find out what the requirements are in the registry office where you plan to register the marriage.

Pick suppliers through magazines, websites, and on the recommendations of friends or administrators of sites for weddings.

Try to narrow the list down to three top contenders in each category, then held with each of the remaining suppliers to determine which of them is best suited to the style of your wedding budget and fits in like you personally.

Select the graphic designers of the number of guests and / or invite designers.

Third step

Hire a photographer! Try to do it as soon as you have selected the date, as a good photographer, as a rule, must be booked far in advance.

Start looking for the bridesmaids’ dresses. This is often a difficult part of the planning process, because no two bridesmaids, all of them have their own strong opinions about what looks good on their body type, what color they are, etc. A great way to avoid conflict, give your girls a few options, and let them decide. You can also consider the option of tailoring dresses to order at a local studio

Consider the options for the dress of the bride and groom’s friends, so that they harmonize with the bridesmaid’s dresses and registration site.

Take samples of music for the invited groups and music for the ceremony, or schedule an appointment DJ-eat, to discuss your musical preferences.

Pick destinations for honeymoon.

Spend rehearsal hair and makeup. Try to combine a rehearsal hair and makeup with an evening date or a photo shoot.

If you are going to do pre-wedding photo shoot, assign it. This is a terrific way to know your photographer closer and get used to be under the camera lens. It is also a good time to ask for advice and see how your hair and makeup looks in the photos.

Start to pick up flights to the wedding if you plan to get married away from home.

If you use your miles to book a flight, make sure you order early enough, because, as a rule, such tickets tend to be sold in the first place.

Start to pick up hotels for you and your guests. Many large hotels allow you to reserve a block of at least ten rooms.

Fourth stage

Hire a hairdresser and makeup artist for your wedding.

Hire a videographer

Order invitations and thank you notes. Talk to your designer about the timing of manufacturing printed products to avoid the extra charge for an order at the last minute.

Select a florist.

Hire a specialist in the world, if these services are not included in the rent selected site, or if you prefer, add lighting, custom-made.

Hire a team for organizing musical accompaniment ceremony, live music and / or DJ-I, if the service is not provided for the selected platform.

Complete hotel reservation for your guests. Typically, hotels offer free cancellation period. Make sure that you mark the desired date in the calendar and delaying contact with the guests closer to this date, since you do not get answers to your invitation at that time.

If your witness (a bridesmaid, maid of honor) and witness (the best man) has not yet started to plan the bachelor party and bachelorette party, now is the time to do it. In fact, there are no restrictions on the time when the action should take place, so you may better align them with the schedule of all the participants.

Fifth stage

Complete preparation of wedding dresses, including your wedding gowns, bridesmaids’ dresses, suits groom and groomsmen. Modify the schedule as required and begin to pick up accessories.

Book a transfer for guests, taking into account any possible patrols in the city, and that it will be the weekend. If the selected date coincides with the time of graduation parties, make reservations well in advance to be sure of the priority of your order.

Think about gifts to each other. Do not forget to make surprises elect / tse during the preparation and the wedding day – is filled with emotion and defuse the situation

Book rental of chairs, tables, tents and textiles (tablecloths, chair covers), if the marketplace does not provide these services

Complete discussion of floral arrangements for the ceremony and reception with your florist. You should also communicate with the florist on the rental of chairs, tables and textiles, to find a professional opinion and make sure they are in harmony with a floral design.

Sixth step

Sign invitation or give them calligraphy. You can also request an invitation to design and print a digital signature to save you time and hassle.

Order the wedding cake. It is important to combine the design of the cake with the remaining components of the style of the wedding, the decision on the design of which is mainly taken at this point, at this point.

Book applets if you are planning to print them in the printing industry. If you’re getting married outdoors, take into account any vagaries of nature, which can affect the course of events (for example, if it is really windy, you should not plan to leave the printed programs from every chair without something that will not allow them to depart). Also, make signs, maps, menus, accompanying card, table number cards, and any other printed materials.

Finish cooking the wedding compliments if you do them. It is not necessary if you are ready to welcome bags for the guests – it depends on you.

Visit dance lessons with your fiancé if you plan to dance to impress.

Plan B after the wedding if you want to spend it (the second day). Typically, the most convenient place for it- the hotel where most of the guests will be staying, or in your home.

Seventh step

Send invitations.

Submit your application to the marriage (in each city / country individually)

Choose gifts for everyone who helps in the organization

Select the text of the oath for the ceremony. Consider excerpts from stories, poems and verses that like mean a lot to both of you.

Select the music for the ceremony. Check the duration.

Choose a suitable song for receiving, for example, for the first dance and the dance between father and daughter, and finally choose a list of tracks with DJ and / or group.

Check the list of frames with the photographer and / or videographer. Prescribe that whom and when

Decide what you need for your image of the bride (arrange accents Beauty: Manicure, building, painting, etc.) For the bride and wedding guests (girlfriends). Be careful not to choose something that you’ve never tried before. It is understood that if you’ve never plucked eyebrows, do not begin to do it the day before the wedding.

Arrange dinner bridesmaids. This is a great chance to discuss the details of the wedding day and give gifts to her friends.

Eighth step

Please guests to get prompt answers.

Start working on the seating plan for the wedding and decide if you will enumerate the tables and assign space for each guest (more formally) or simply number the tables (at least formally), so guests will find themselves a place at the designated table.

Sign the accompanying cards and place cards at the table (or transfer them calligrapher).

Break in your wedding shoes at home. This applies to both of you!

Find someone who will look after your home, while you will be away at the time of the wedding and / or honeymoon.

Decide whether you want to relax at the spa and join a spa alone or with friends.

Distribute and discuss all the duties and responsibility for all of the activities with her friends, friends, family and wedding coordinator.

The ninth stage

Discuss all the remaining details with the supplier of products and other suppliers, including the final number of guests, which also affect the wedding book inventory (chairs, tablecloths, etc.) and the number of ordered colors.

Take the wedding dresses.

Confirm the transfer order for all wedding guests and for your personal needs.

Visit a hairdresser preliminary preparations for your wedding style, such as haircuts and hair coloring.

Tell your family and the families of your honeymoon itinerary, passport data and credit card information in case of emergency.

Spend rehearsal ceremony and invite all who are involved in it: someone walks down the aisle, standing at the altar or makes recue- be present. If the place of the ceremony is not nearby, you can rehearse in a more convenient location. The most important thing in this process – to make sure everyone knows where, how and with whom they are going to understand any music signals, as well as what they will speak during the ceremony.

Take the finished printed products: applets, menu and so any

Complete the seating arrangement and prepare (print) and the accompanying card \ card numbers or locations.

Collect items for your honeymoon if you leave immediately after the wedding. Prepare the tip and envelopes for settlements with suppliers.

Send an e-mail routes wedding weekend all guests.

The tenth stage

Look at all the details of the site, seating, rental inventory, and transfer the music and do not forget to confirm this information, and any special details to your suppliers.

Give welcome booklet and / or welcome gifts in the room of the hotel, where guests will be staying.

Visit the beauty salon for the final preparation of your image.

Send reminders and letters of thanks to all those involved in carrying out a wedding event.

Take part in a rehearsal of the ceremony the guests to “run” on the timings, placement, docking schedule (the schedule).

Visit the rehearsal dinner and enjoy! It’s a great way to start celebrating your wedding weekend.

Prepare gifts to your guests, the bride and your family.

Important dates to be marked on the calendar, including but not limited to:

Bachelor Party


Lunch bridesmaids

Rehearsal ceremony

Confirmation reservation (arrival-departure dates) in hotel


Determination of the final number of guests

Flight Information

Term of the hotel for guests

Sign and send invitations

Meetings with suppliers

Conducting interim payments

Current seating

Visit the site

Spa treatments

Transfer Information

Go through the sites (where there will be a wedding)

Wedding day
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