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Preparing for a wedding: how to start?

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Preparing for a wedding: how to start?

So his decision to marry you informed parents. Here’s the start of excitement, especially if there is no relevant experience on the organization of a wedding celebration. Before taking over the case, we should define the main points.

What do you expect from the wedding both on holiday?

Many lovers very vague idea of the answer to this question. But it is important to understand how you see your wedding than it should be different from the wedding celebration girlfriend or friend. Perhaps, once you have been dreaming about the wedding on the beach or in the style of rock ‘n’ roll – it’s time to translate dreams into reality.

So, at the first stage of preparation for the wedding should answer the following questions:

What is the place to choose for a wedding celebration?

How many guests will be at the festival?

Do you prefer a luxurious party in the restaurant (cafe) or a modest meal at “home” style?

Determine the wedding date

If you decide to arrange a wedding in the style of “beach party” or “Country Picnic”, no doubt, it is better to choose a warm this time of year – spring or summer. According to our ancestors, the best times for the conclusion of marriage was considered to fall. After all, by September harvest it has been collected that allows you to make a wedding so generous and rich? In addition, the picturesque and colorful autumn nature will be the perfect backdrop for wedding photo shoots. Planning a wedding in the restaurant or cafe? In this case, the time is not so important, and you can celebrate a wedding in the winter – for example, to coincide with the New Year or Christmas.

As for the day of the week, it’s usually solemn registration of marriage and wedding banquet laid on the weekend. If you prefer to hold the event on a weekday, many guests will be forced to give up or leave early, because many work. So it is better to agree on such things and choose a date that is convenient for everyone.

Choose a place of marriage registration

Of course, if you dream of painting at the Central Palace of marriage, then it should take care in advance and apply a few months. In fact, as a rule, wishing “combined” marriage in this solemn and monumental place is always in short supply. If you do not like elaborate ceremony, go to your district registry office where the application take a month before the scheduled date of the wedding. Typically, each registry office provides a list of wedding services:

Painted in a festive atmosphere with the celebrations for the registrar

Custom background music

Services of wedding photographer or video operator

Incidentally, the last paragraph should be given special attention and better to invite a professional.


How to capture the wedding – choose options

The wedding – an event for a long time who is willing and flies it surprisingly quickly. How do you want to prolong these unforgettable moments! Beautiful bride, elegant guests, funny situations and funny jokes – all this can be fixed and periodically reviewed in the circle of family and friends.

Therefore, the wedding expenses should include services of a professional photographer or video operator, but rather both of them. If the painting before you have left the time and budget allows, you can arrange now fashionable product – pre-wedding Love-story, «gradually» which passes on the day of the wedding photography. Although the usual photo shoot, made against the backdrop of beautiful scenery and sights of the city, will also be an excellent option. The main thing – to trust this professional, because his creation then you will enjoy for years to come.

Venue informal part

Today, many people prefer to rent a wedding banquet hall of the restaurant or the cozy coffee shop. This solution avoids the tedious and troublesome cooking, cleaning, feeding, distribution, dishwashing and other “pleasant” economic aspects. Typically, all of these features for a fee, will take on staff entertainment facilities. So you and your family will only relax and enjoy, rather than “snatching” moments holiday in between cooking chores.

If you have decided on the date of registration of marriage, can be pre-lease on the restaurant, to discuss the festive menu and other organizational issues (which is included in the portion for one person, how much to buy alcohol).

To-do list for the wedding

So, we decided on the main points. Now we should solve a lot of other important issues for the organization of the wedding. You will:

Calculation of the wedding budget

Making the guest list, followed by manufacturing and sending invitations

Selection of witnesses for the bride and groom

Selecting leading festival, musicians and musical repertoire – these services are usually offered to customers in a coffee shop or restaurant

The solution of the transport problem – here you need to pre-calculate the route (trip for the bride, the registrar, a walk through the city, home after the celebration)

Agreeing with a hairdresser and stylist for the wedding hair and makeup

Order the wedding cake

To determine the date of the hen and stag parties

To consider and plan your honeymoon

Enable witnesses and relatives as assistants – all of a sudden you are in the cycle of worries and troubles have missed an important item in the wedding to-do list.

In addition, you will have to take into account many important “little things”, which should take care to start the celebration. Do not forget:

Wedding dress for the bride and a suit for the groom. Buying or renting these dresses should not be delayed in the last few weeks before the wedding.

Wedding rings. As a rule, the purchase of the Rings “responsibility” for the groom. However, the bride better control this process, it was not necessary to urgently catch up before heading straight to the registrar.

Passport and receipt of payment of state duty.

Ribbons for witnesses, decorations wedding entourage, as well as boutonnieres for the newlyweds and guests.

Balloons, satin ribbons, tissues. These attributes will be needed for the wedding decorations entrance of the house of the bride.

Candy, coins, rose petals, grains of wheat or rice. According to tradition, the couple must go through a “rain”, symbolizing fertility, prosperity and sweet life.

Champagne, glasses, wedding caravan and embroidered towels.

Props for holiday entertainment.

First-aid kit with a set of essential drugs. After all, no one is immune from sudden headaches, digestive problems, or allergy attack. In addition, the wedding list should include the necessary preparations from hangover – suddenly come in handy on the second day after the wedding feast.

Plan the wedding

It is known that in any case it is important to plan everything. But here we are talking about the wedding ceremony! The need to keep my head dozens of cases, orders, purchases. No wonder that in such a whirl, you can miss some important detail. Therefore, wedding planning should begin having “left” considerable period of time – about six months.

Before the wedding, left:

6 months

Many will say that the cherished date for a long time and yet you cannot worry. However, many issues in preparation for the wedding should start right now. For example, choose a wedding date, make a list of wedding guests to choose and order the registrar of wedding services. The most important question in the organization of any wedding – how much will it cost? Therefore, an important step will be the drafting of a wedding budget.

3 months

You can go to the bridal salon to select dress – because you’ve already decided on his styles and colors? “Parallel” is possible to seek a professional photographer, send invitations to guests and to book a banquet hall in a restaurant or cafe. If you decide to invite a toastmaster and music, the 3 months before the wedding should agree on these activities.

2 months

Before the wedding, there are very few, and yet you still had a lot to do. By the way, you can go for the wedding rings (if you have not bought), as well as to determine the number of machines in a wedding cortege. Furthermore, it should create a wedding walk route, taking into account the visit scenic spots to create a romantic photo shoot.

1 month

The wedding plans include: the purchase of food for the banquet, accommodation nonresident visitors, custom wedding cake and loaf. Do not forget about the wedding hairstyle – agree with the hairdresser or stylist must advance. By this time it should be bought the necessary stuff (carefully check the list for the wedding). It remains to order a bouquet for the bride, and decide where you will spend the first night.

2 weeks

Just two weeks! As a rule, all the important issues have been resolved, and you can catch your breath a little. Arrange fiery fun bachelor party. The bride can make a final fitting wedding dress and then go with friends on a hen party in some fun place.

1 day

Manicures, pedicures, scented bath … On such a day you need to be prepared! On the eve of the celebration check the availability of all the bought wedding attributes necessary for painting and wedding walk.

Wedding Budget

Cost is always “at the forefront” in the planning of each wedding. In fact, if you do not have sufficient financial resources, it will likely have to give up the wedding in a trendy European style with a banquet at an expensive restaurant. However, with some ingenuity, you can organize quite a worthy celebration of even a moderate budget.


In this part of the wedding budget accounts for about 50% of all wedding expenses, as a banquet – the most expensive article. Do you want to save decently? Book a banquet in the cozy cafe, but not in a fancy restaurant (where the prices are much higher because of the status of the institution).

Photos and videos

If you decide not to save on quality photo shoots and video of your wedding, it is best to order these services in one company. In this case, even the possible discount. You can also agree on the rules – for example, a photo shoot lasts only until the beginning of the wedding feast. And other unique frames can capture any of the guests.

Time of year and day of the wedding

It is known that in the summer there is a wedding “boom”, which affects the price of rent banquet halls. But in the autumn and winter (especially) months can be removed decent room in a cafe or restaurant at an affordable price. In addition, the wedding on Saturday will cost you more than any other day.

Wedding dress

Buying a ready outfit will allow slightly reduce the cost of the wedding. Alternatively, you can rent a wedding dress to take – all the same the second time you’re unlikely it will wear.

Preparations for the wedding bride

Every bride wants to look on her wedding dazzlingly beautiful. However, pre-wedding chores often so exhausting that the onset of the holiday more tired than happy. What should be the bride for the wedding? Just a little rest and perform a simple cosmetic procedure.

First of all, it should be put in order your skin – you need to do this for about 2 months before the wedding. Visit beautician and, if necessary, make the cleaning of the face, and get professional advice about cleansing facial masks. You are too pale skin? Go to a tanning salon and get a wonderful light tan. White dress tanned skin looks simply gorgeous!

Hair – dressing woman. To keep your hair on your wedding day were brilliant and well-maintained, it is necessary to use balms rinse and hydrating mask. Apply these funds should be during the month before the celebration.

Choosing a wedding dress – always a challenge “number one” for each bride. Look through catalogs and magazines, view photos, and compare styles. If you chose a pleasing form, pick up its accessories.

Preparations for the wedding – a long and fascinating process that requires a responsible approach. A little patience – and your wedding will be the best!