Pre & Post Wedding Shoot

As well the name indicates this style of photography is based and inspires in the fashion magazines . That is to say, there are inns but they are not the typical wedding ​​that we would find in a traditional report, but they are somewhat theatrical and are very studied. In this style of wedding photographs, the scenarios and the small details of the wedding, as well as the game with the lighting and the focus, the angle of the shots and the frames when making the images are very important.

In the style of fashion or “fashion” the photographer can interfere during the event to guide the poses of the couple. However, it will not have the freedom of the traditional photographer, so on many occasions, as in the ceremony itself, will have to do a more documentary style. This style of wedding photography is used at the request of the couple as it usually involves the work of a great team of assistants and photographers.

On the other hand, it is pertinent to mention that this style of photography allows you to work both outdoors and in studio when it comes to performing the poses of the bride and groom. So taking into account this aspect of fashion photography in weddings I would dare to state that it is the ideal to perform pre and post wedding images, and complete this way the photographic report.