planning a wedding

Planning a wedding

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Planning a wedding in St. Petersburg? Think about all the details! Photo: Olivero mg, Shutter stock in the life of every man is special, no matter what do not like memorial days. Days that will forever remain in our hearts, moments that make us sincere smile many years later. One of those wonderful days in the life of millions of people around the world is considered to be the wedding day. Marriage makes the union of two loving people stronger and opens “a new chapter” in the life of a young family.

planning a wedding

It is no wonder that people attach so much importance the organization of the celebration. Every couple wants to have their holiday was unforgettable, but very few people, how difficult to prepare a wedding in a city like St. Petersburg. Of course, you can go to a wedding agency, where experienced wedding planner for your money will take care of all the chores. But the reality is that not all brides and grooms ready for additional spending, and in most cases the couple organize wedding on their own.

In preparation for a wedding celebration in the first place, it is necessary to take into account the fact that in St. Petersburg for a month goes to 6,000 weddings. Accordingly, the earlier you begin to prepare, the more likely that you need specialists of wedding services market will not be occupied by another couple in the desired day. The same goes for the date and time of the ceremony at the registry office.

For complete information about the photographer, videographer, top, makeup artists and other necessary attributes wedding, you can get on specialized sites, such as a wedding directory of St. Petersburg “soon in the registrar”. Remember that “free cheese” is in a mousetrap. Do not choose all the cheapest. Pay attention to the combination of price and quality of services offered. Where to start preparing the wedding? Preparation of any, even the most modest wedding begins with the selection of the registrar.

In St. Petersburg, absolutely every area of the city has a registry office or the Wedding Palace. A young couple has the right to choose any of them, regardless of area of residence. Choose not the Registry Office, which is closer to home, and one that is beautifully decorated and has the most high-quality interior lighting, as without enough light inside, you cannot make beautiful pictures, even with extensive experience photographing weddings. Do not make the wrong choice can help you rating SPB registry offices. Now you can start searching for a wedding dress.

Remember that in a magnificent wedding dress with rings you will be uncomfortable to get into the limo, and hiking in the ladies’ room will be a real challenge. When choosing a dress, avoid options tailored reflectivity of light fabric. The stronger the fabric reflects the light, the greater the chance to see on your wedding photo white spot, instead of dresses, especially on a sunny day. When you select an image of the groom, and the wedding bouquet, remember that the bride and groom should look harmonious.

Bridal bouquet should be combined with the color of suit or tie the groom, and flowers in the hair of the bride, if any. When choosing a limo for a wedding, be sure to check the car. Pay attention not only on appearance but also on the performance of the air conditioning, audio system, power windows and interior lighting. When choosing a wedding photographer, details check out his portfolio and ask what equipment will be photographing.

These profiles are used expensive equipment. The cost of a good professional camera with the minimum necessary to shoot a wedding set of lenses is not less than 170.000 p. plus flashes, filters, memory cards, etc. When booking a restaurant or banquet hall, be sure to try the dishes offered. Check presence of air conditioning, particularly when planning a wedding in the summer. Choose a more or less large hall where you will be from the heart to dance. Discuss the location of the tables. Tables should not stand close to the wall, otherwise guests will be uncomfortable to leave the table. The hall, which will be the wedding dinner, must be well lit and nicely decorated. The festive decoration of the hall is best to order the decorators specializing in this. If you dream about your wedding to be memorable, make an interesting show program, which will not be confined to the work of the wedding toastmaster.

For example, you can invite to your party magicians, professional dancers, musicians, etc. Keep in mind that excessive alcohol consumption is detrimental not only to health, but also a holiday, so do not be superfluous to limit their number. Do not forget, that marriage should be thought out to the smallest detail. For example, during the visit to not be bored, as often happens during a photo shoot hours of the bride and groom. Think about what to do with the guests at such moments. Make them “bubble show” or anything like that. You should always be a backup plan in case of bad weather. Theoretically, you can negotiate with the restaurant and the master of ceremonies of the willingness to accept your guests for an hour or two early in the event of inclement weather, and themselves at this time to go, for example, in an interior photo studio for a photo shoot.

Of course, you have to pre-pay and a buffet for guests, and the work of the master, who will entertain your family and friends. Prepare the witnesses so that they detail knew the program of the day and, if possible, take over the coordination of the wedding process, allowing you to relax and have fun. Even in the most wonderful wedding can happen Force Majeure? The groom is strongly recommended to carry a certain amount of money, just in case.

For the bride will not be superfluous Possession lipstick, powder and other cosmetic accessories. It is possible that during the day she would have to repeatedly correct makeup. Keep in mind that shoes are tight corset dress, rapid hen party or stag night before, ill-mannered guest, you just do not make the remark, and it can ruin your wedding. Take responsible for the organization of the wedding of identity, and wonderful memories to last a lifetime you provided!