How to organize a decent wedding on a limited budget

How to organize a decent wedding on a limited budget

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The first advice in this situation – not cost much to break up the wedding budget. If you go to a wedding calculator on our website, you will see there are more than 30 items of expenditure, but only half of them are really the most important, on which depends the success of the wedding. From the rest, you can either give up, or to save money. How to distinguish the important from the unimportant? Of course, each couple may have their own priorities, but, for sure, most of you will carry the main ballroom (there you guests spend ALL triumph), food and drinks (which you will enjoy ALL the banquet), lead (he will create a festive mood all evening), photos / videos (which you will review the whole life). This is and should focus on. So on what can be saved?

How to organise a decent wedding on a limited budget

Wedding image

The wedding dress can be very beneficial to take a hand. Look at the major sites of ads (by the way, you can look into our section “buy-sell”) – periodically there are quite enticing options. You can take a dress for hire, but in this case, you must carefully weigh the possible risks – even in the case of a small defect you have to pay the full cost of the product. Wedding Jewellery often bought over the Internet – shops. But on the wedding hairstyle with make-up is better not to save.

Marriage registration

It is fashionable to arrange a marriage registration, but with a small budget, it makes sense to give it up in favour of a more decent banquet.


You can arrange a photo session for two. In this case, you do not have to organise a motorcade and providing dinner for friends. The young are increasingly choosing this option wedding walk, and not always for reasons of economy.

Photo / video

This is a very significant part of the budget. If you realise that you are missing out on two high-quality services, you should not take the cheapest of the cheapest photographer and videographer – most likely, you will be disappointed. It is better to give up something in favour of the more important for you. Most recently the young refuse to video.

If we can agree with the videographer – you can order a “raw” material without installation, and film mount after the wedding. The same applies to photo books and slideshows – the main thing that you have high-quality photos, and these things can be done later.


In Voronezh, there are relatively inexpensive, but very decent banquet halls, but are selling fast, so the sooner you attend to this matter, the greater the chance of finding a lucrative option. Their drinks and fruit can significantly save on the menu, of course, if the administration is not against it.

First dance

You can do without a choreographer. Many are ready to dance on their own and it performed quite well, just need a little longer to rehearse. YouTube to help you.


Young often bought cake individually designed with private confectioners, but for individuality have to pay a lot, so in the case of a limited budget it makes sense to order a cake in a typical inexpensive but proven confectionery shop.

Decoration hall

When the couple a small budget, it is very tempted to buy balloons and all kinds of posters, but it’s better to turn to professional decorators – most of them have a flexible pricing policy and they will surely offer you some version. It can be quite very small investment and minimal decor to transform the room beyond recognition – but it can only determine a trained professional eye.


Organising a wedding, do not forget about the unity of colour solutions. This is particularly evident in the small accessories: glasses, bottles wedding, Ring Pillows, candles, etc. If you have artistic inclinations, you can do quite a lot of things themselves. On our site a huge number of workshops for the production of wedding accessories with their own hands – from garters and finishing with a decoration of cars. Be creative, fantasise and wonder – after all, “expensive” is not always better “original”…

Save wisely, and you’ll have a wonderful wedding!

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