Kids Photography

Taking pictures of children can be a rich experience as well as frustrating. Photographing one’s own children can be very valuable, as it engages the father in one of the great photographic subjects. The good pictures of children are those in which the photographer has registered the “child world” and not simply its external appearance.

We leave you some tips to have fun and venture to portray the “child world”:

Photograph of a child playing

Do not make them pose. For two reasons. The first is that the most natural photographs gain a lot. And the second is that the easiest thing is that he does not know how to pose and he gets bored fast. Do not ask them to smile, make them smile!

Children go through stages of extraversion and shyness, not forge to photograph them when they feel embarrassed. They will resent it and will not be comfortable with a camera again.

Photograph of a boy playing with a ball

Children move a lot so remember to use fast speeds to avoid moving photos. If it is outside and the movement of the model is at full steam, several shots in burst will make at least some perfect

The concentration of a child does not last too long. When the child is there do not waste time, have the camera ready. The anticipation of events is paramount, keep in focus and use targets in automatic mode.

Photograph of a girl with an ice cream

Help yourself with something, lean on any object that can serve to distract the child. It can be your favorite toy, although it does not have to be a toy. They also serve other elements of your daily life, like the accessories you use regularly to give them food. Remember, that if the object you give him to distract should not endanger his safety.

When given instructions it is necessary to be firm, kind and precise. A good idea is to let them help in the preparation of the photo shoot, as this helps them feel involved and generates confidence.

Zoom in / zoom out – most likely you have lenses with a reasonable focal depth (possibly greater than I have myself) but you may not have thought of it when preparing pictures with children. Sometimes it is good to take photos in which you include the children on a stage, in a context. But let’s not fool ourselves, what your parents want is to see the faces of their children, so that is precisely what must dominate in photography, much more than the landscape

Try to photograph on your knees at the child’s visual level. They are rarely seen in photos taken from their height, as an adult.

Pacific Children

And finally the best pictures of children are made with natural lighting. Not only is his appearance better, but the absence of complications allows him to focus on the actions and expressions of the child.

I hope these tips will help you when you photograph these little people.