Five things you do not need at your wedding

Five things you do not need at your wedding

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Five things you do not need at your wedding. At a wedding, not everything is necessary. What’s more, almost everything is optional and customizable. But there are certain things less indispensable than the rest, which you could or ought to do without. Do you want to discover them? We detail five of them below.

At last, you are engaged, and it is time to start with the preparations. Sometimes you feel a bit lost, but thanks to communities of future brides, blogs, magazines and webs you end up getting a rough idea of how you want your wedding dress, and what flowers and what colours will make up your bridal bouquet. You even begin to think of all those wedding songs that could be part of the soundtrack of your big day!
Among all the information that floods your head at all times, some things are surely not strictly necessary and knowing it can help you in the initial moment of decision making in which you are submerged. We discovered 5 of them.

1. Worry about what they will say
Do not be afraid to choose a mermaid cut wedding dress if you liked nothing else put it on. Or do not hesitate to choose a beautiful bouquet of the first bride if it is the one you had always dreamed of. Guide yourself by your heart and your instinct, and select very well the opinions to take into account. Those who love you will advise you well.

2. Follow the protocol to the table
The protocol is a very useful guide that helps us know what to do when we do not know it. But that does not mean that you have to follow it carefully. You can choose which parts of the protocol suit you, your tastes, your beliefs and your needs, and follow them. But you can also adapt the protocol, not follow it or modify it at convenience. The important thing is that that day everything flows naturally and you can enjoy it as you had planned.

3. Have long hair
It must be recognised that the 2017 pickups are precious, but a bride does not have to wear long hair to force. That has already gone down in history. Brides have to be more than ever themselves and show off their short hair, their mid-air, their loose hair or the hairstyle they feel most identified on their wedding day. That is why today there are many options of ornaments and headdresses whatever your style and the length of your hair. There are spectacular hairstyles for weddings!

Five things you do not need at your wedding

4. The wedding dress
Let nobody is frightened. A dress of marriage is an almost essential requirement for any woman, but it may not be necessary to buy it. Have you thought about renting wedding dresses? It is an excellent option if you do not want or can not make such a significant economic investment and do not want to stop wearing a spectacular wedding dress and feel beautiful on your big day, either with a mermaid cut wedding dress or with An impressive model princess.
Other excellent alternatives are to wait for the companies to make special discounts or decan Tarte for designs of previous seasons. In both cases, you can also save.

5. A crowd of guests
In your beautiful day, the important thing is to surround you with your loved ones, the people who are part of your life and always there when you need it. The important thing is to share that unique day with your closest family and friends. To enjoy your presence and take advantage that you have them all gathered to chat, laugh and dance with each one.

What you do need in your wedding is the love of your life waiting for you at the altar in your marriage dress and some guests wearing their best party dresses ready to have fun with everything you have prepared with affection for them. Your day is only yours. So decide it your way.

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