How to choose a wedding day or the exact calculation of a successful marriage

Exact Calculation of a Successful Marriage

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Exact Calculation of a Successful Marriage. Select a day for a wedding many say that “marriages are made in heaven.” Is this statement is far from the truth, as it seems at first glance? It is unlikely that young families break up or, conversely, live in harmony accident, because for everything there is a reason.

Most likely, not only correctly selected, the appropriate day of the wedding will be a guarantee for the newlywed’s family well-being, but it is exactly what a successful wedding day can increase the chances of further happy family life – as astrologers claim.

Astrological forecast for the date and time of the wedding day can affect, positively or negatively, on the relationship between the spouses in a marriage. In order to choose the right wedding day newlyweds, first of all, it is necessary to draw your attention on the main criteria: year, month, specific date and exact time of the alleged marriage.

Exact Calculation of a Successful Marriage

Leap year. Wrap whether your wedding day?

It is well known that a leap year is considered to be adverse and heavy period. It has been observed that increased mortality and more frequently in leap years than usual, there are conflicts. Modern newlyweds for this reason, are reluctant to plan your wedding day for the period. But is it really a leap year is unfavourable for the destination wedding of the day as it represents the bride and groom? If we look at historical events that appear completely opposite picture.

Indeed, several festive wedding celebrations our ancestors right in a leap year, i.e. every four years. But that in no way, not forced to endure the newlyweds wedding day to another, more appropriate time. Without any obstacles in love young people continued to get married, and in leap years. The most interesting historical fact is that the leap year was considered by our ancestors of brides a year. Young girls in this period could choose a husband and to woo. If you are still in doubt whether to appoint wedding day on leap year, then quickly discard all doubt and excessive superstition.

The wedding day was appointed in May. Have to do to suffer?

Someone long ago decided that the beautiful spring month of May most unfavourable time for the wedding day. Honeymooners are still afraid of the famous sayings and proverbs, eloquently describes what will happen to those young that your wedding day will be assigned to the month of May. All the reasons for the dislike for May weddings lie only in the fact that in May the bulk of the sowing of agricultural work.

Our ancestors tried to carry on your wedding day in the fall, that is, at the time when the crop is already harvested and the work is not in danger. Modern bride and groom does not necessarily follow that old national signs. Fortunately, we live in different times. So you can safely assign your wedding day in the spring and May.

How to choose a date for the wedding?

All the days of the week are controlled by different planets. From what kind of planet-ruler will dominate in your wedding day, may depend on the relationship between the spouses. So, Tuesday and Thursday are less favourable days for a wedding. Planet with aggressive character – Mars – Tuesday controls, and can bring to family life quarrels and scandals. Thursday ruled by Jupiter.

In those families, whose wedding day was appointed on Thursday, can stay constant infidelity and jealousy. A most auspicious days for weddings are Friday and Sunday. Planet Venus – patron of lovers, the guardian of peace and harmony, runs Friday. A Sunday – day under the auspices of the Sun, all the undertakings that day will bring joy.