Can I get married on the beach?

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Can I get married on the beach? To the idyllic image of giving yourself the “yes, I want” in front of the sea you have to add bureaucracy and difficult procedures. So you will need good planning for your dream wedding on the seashore. We tell you all the details to avoid surprises.

In the hottest months, the dream of getting married on a safe beach has tempted you more than once. It is ideal because the party dresses of the guests can be transformed into much more cool and informal attire, and even the bride can go with a natural look and summer accompanied by a shoes  nothing traditional bridal , for example sandals, or even barefoot. Also the wedding hairstyle can incorporate more than flowers, for example, sailor motifs. But is it easy to have a wedding on the beach? Yes, yes, as long as they grant you the relevant permits, although, if the link is religious, the matter becomes more complicated. So take note of all the requirements.

What procedures should I do?

This type of wedding is exclusive and therefore has more technical complexity than many others. The nuptial bureaucracy means informing you well in the town hall of the town to which the beach belongs or the casita that has fallen in love and that you want to be silent witness of your big day.

Consistories are usually in charge of facilitating permits and applying the regulations dependent on the Coastal Law. Since there is no established deadline for the granting or denial of the permit, it should be done months in advance to avoid surprises.

What are you going to ask me?

You will have to inform about the list and details of the assembly system of the elements that you want to install (electric generators, music equipment …) and the exact place in which you want to locate the different elements, as well as the security measures that will be taken. They will also demand the decibel level. So romantic wedding songs can only be heard at a limited volume, logically, so as not to disturb. Of course, it will also be necessary to specify the wedding time slot.

Will I have to pay City Hall?

Surely yes. There is no fixed rate, so it will depend on each city council. For example, there are consistories that increase the price if the wedding is between two citizens who are not registered there. Apart, there will be municipalities that allow the ceremony, but not the party later.

And if everything is very complicated to organize, what do I do?

If you find it too complicated, you can always celebrate your wedding at a beach club or hotel with a private beach, even in bars on the sand, where the arrangements are facilitated. In addition, in this way you can also put into practice those ideas for the photo call you’ve been imagining for so long. Another alternative is to celebrate the wedding on a boat, on the high seas.

When you marry, your dress code will be very similar. You can go with a simple wedding dress that will not fade into anything with the atmosphere, and your partner wear an original boyfriend suit. Think also about flat bridal shoes, because heels are prohibited in the sand.

What if the ceremony is religious?

The most common weddings on the beach are civil weddings.  You should keep in mind that few bishoprics allow sacraments to be held outside the temples and that, once again, they require exceptional authorizations.

Did you know that Spain has 8000 kilometers of beach? Surely you find some magic corner for your link. If you marry on the beach, remember to look for original wedding ideas that include marine decor. It’s going to be a wonderful day!