5 essential tips to choose your ideal wedding hairstyle

5 essential tips to choose your ideal wedding hairstyle

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5 essential tips to choose your ideal wedding hairstyle. If you want to wear that gorgeous and super special hairstyle that you have always dreamed of for your wedding day, do not miss out on these practical and useful expert tips that can also serve you any time. You will not regret!

You have already given the most comfortable wedding shoes and you have chosen the wedding dress that favors you and that will be the center of the looks on your big day. Now play fetches the perfect bridal bouquet and, of course, do the make-up and hairstyle test. We give you the keys to make it right when choosing your ideal hairstyle considering many factors, such as your style or the time of the celebration of the ceremony. Take note of all the tips to shine brighter than ever on day B!

5 essential tips to choose your ideal wedding hairstyle

  1. Stay true to your style

5 essential tips to choose your ideal wedding hairstyle

Without a doubt, you should choose a hairstyle with which you feel comfortable and identified. Of course not every day you’re dressed for a big celebration, but the final look must be true to your style and personality. So, if your character is casual, an informal hairstyle will go with you. Do you consider yourself more classic? With a high bow you will have success assured.

  1. Establish a dialogue between your dress and your hairstyle

5 essential tips to choose your ideal wedding hairstyle

The hairstyle enhances the beauty of the dress. So, if you are wearing a model with a neckline on the back, bet for a pickup or semi-manager, and leave your hair loose only if your mane is short. The under gathered is usually an excellent ally if the back is only half open, as it will be if you are wearing a wedding dress with a heart neckline. Although, in this case, the high ones are also very indicated, because they are stylized by lengthening the neck and neckline. A trundle destroy on one side brings a casual touch and you will also be sensational.

If the neckline is asymmetrical and you show a single shoulder, you should turn the weight of the hairstyle on the other side, with a lateral bow or a braid, for example. To a swan neck, however, hairstyles always leave the neck exposed, such as pigtails or bows. If you have opted for a strapless neckline you are lucky, because it admits all types of hairstyles and will fit just as well to a loose mane that a delicate and romantic collected.

  1. Consider the shape of your face

5 essential tips to choose your ideal wedding hairstyle

If your face is oval, all the hairstyles will feel good. It is said that these are the perfect proportions! In this case you can choose, for example, to leave the main loose or to pick it up in a braid. To hide a round face you can make a semi-director with strands falling to the sides. More options? The high collections: give volume and create a more balanced face effect.

Conversely, if your face is long you will favor the side picked up or even loose hair smooth if you do not wear, but looking beautiful curls or waves. Does your face have a triangular shape, with a narrow forehead and wider width at the cheekbones? Soften the cheeks with strands and try to wear a hairstyle with bangs to give greater prominence to this area. A square face has sharp angles, which can give some aggressiveness. Smooth that effect with collected with curls in the face, that provide a casual note to your look. Hair cuts are also perfect at shoulder height and irregularly shaped, that bring movement and dynamism. Finally, the diamond- shaped faces do well with the semi-directives and loose Melina.

  1. How tall are you?

If you are tall you will not be very good the high and high volume collection, but will be much more appropriate low collection. On the other hand, if you are of short stature you will feel great a simple hairstyle. It is better not to overdo it with too complex hairstyle, just as it is not advisable to wear your hair loose if you have too long, as both options will make you look smaller.

  1. Wedding at noon or at night?

The time of the celebration of the wedding also influences the type of hairstyle. In a link of tomorrow bet for a more informal and natural style, such as braids or loose hair. On the other hand, if you give the “yes, I want” in the afternoon, you should go more sophisticated, like with elegant bows or veil hairstyles.

Among the myriad of existing wedding hairstyles, choose with the criterion the one that best suits you. Why have not we talked about your hair type? Because even if you have it curly, smooth or wavy, that is an aspect that the hairdresser can easily transform if you want. So now it’s only a matter of setting the most unforgettable day of your life, to the sound of those fantastic wedding songs that will configure the soundtrack of your day.