13 Tips For Mastering Family Photography

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13 Tips For Mastering Family Photography. Families have many types, extensive, single-parent, home parental, nuclear, assembled … But they all have something in common, the relationship between its members. Family portraits are more complex than individual pictures for different reasons, they are several subjects, they have to be coined, and it is important to reflect their personality and dynamics and the interaction between all their members. It is very likely that you have had to portray yours (we are always asked when they know we are fans of photography) or that you see yourself in this situation sooner or later. There are some very standard errors in this type of photography that are very easily remedied, others are somewhat more complicated, but do not be scared, which is not so much. If you are interested in the subject, where to get family photos taken

1. Take care of the wardrobe. This first advice may seem of little importance, however, it is not. Clothing plays a fundamental role for several reasons.

It is better for the family to wear classic clothes so that the portrait does not go out of style in a short time, we look for a timeless photo and the clothes “to the last” may be very well that year, but within two or three,
It is not necessary for all members to wear the same colour, but it helps that the colours are very similar and combine with each other. And if for example, several relatives wear the same colour, better to avoid that they are very different tones.
Similar colours create harmony and unity in the image.

In summer it is better to use soft colours, in winter more cheerful colours to give life to the colours offered by nature (we speak of exterior portraits).
Not only do you have to combine colours, but also the style of clothing or all formal or all casual, mixes are not good …

Avoid clothing showing elbows and knees, as this part of the body is not flattering (in adults) and can spoil the result.
It is easy for you to have to face a family portrait that you have not been able to advise on the wardrobe before, do not worry, a trick that you can use is to place the members in groups of colours that combine. Look at this example:
Place the members in groups of colours that blend with each other.

2. Look for an appropriate location. If you are going to make a report to the family, find a place that appeals to them, a park, the forest, the beach … They are very grateful surroundings for this type of photographs. If it is indoors or in a house, take care of the background and any element that distracts attention.

3. Create an appropriate environment. It is important that you enjoy the session to be comfortable and relaxed so that they will be much better portrayed and you can take the time you need. Prepare the meeting as if it were a game, especially if there are children. Instead of asking them to smile, tell them something funny, some anecdote or a joke, forced smiles are too artificial.

4. Take care of the lighting. This is one of the most important points, but I’m afraid this does not scare you, right? Here we will also extend a little more.

Indoors, use the bounce flash.
If you are backlit, or the background is much brighter than the plane on which the family is, use the flash.
If you can use natural light, then even better. In that case, you have to be careful that there is not part of the family in the sun and another part in the shade. You will not get a good result.
Remember that the best times to take photos outdoors are in the early morning or late afternoon.
Outdoors, the best light hours are early morning and late afternoon.

If it is at noon, adamant light can cause them to close their eyes, and create unwanted shadows. Look for a shadow but be careful that all faces are illuminated. Placing them on the edge of the shadow can help.

5. Care for placement. It prevents them from adopting uncomfortable or forced postures, if they are natural, the results will be much better. If there are many members, an element such as a door, fence or ladder, can help you organise the composition.

6. Use an appropriate opening. The portraits usually recommend an aperture as large as possible (that is, a small number f), but in this case, it is convenient not to open both the diaphragm. An f / eight would be more appropriate. If you want to use a wide opening, make sure that all members are on the same plane so that everyone is focused. If the group is colossal, a small opening (a higher number f) is most advisable.

7. Try to convey the essence of the family. We commented at the beginning of the post the importance of capturing not only the members of a family but also their personality. You can use trolling or objects that they usually use. The important thing is not that all members look at the camera, what is critical here is for the family to show itself as it is.
8. Make a right frame. Remember the tips on composition and be careful with cutting the heads or leave them in the middle of the photo. And if it’s full-length, do not cut your feet!
Note that the heads are not in the middle of the photo, and there are no cutouts either.

9. Shoot in burst and many times. When there are several members, it is very easy for someone to leave with closed eyes or with some unflattering gesture. The more you shoot, the more likely you are to get one in which most models do well.

10. Be flexible. It is very likely that you have an idea of ??how to direct the session, that is not bad, but do not forget to pay attention to those spontaneous moments, because one of the best snapshots may be one of those moments of improvisation.

11. Once again, make use of your creativity. Flee from the typical portraits and propose something fun, a game, a career, or only change a perspective … You know, imagination has no limits!

An original family portrait.
A beautiful picture that breaks all the schemes.

12. Use the tripod. That you are part of that huge family group that you have to portray? Then do not forget the tripod for anything in the world! Set the timer or use the remote trigger and … look at the little bird!

13. Capture the emotions. I leave to the end my advice because the feelings are important because a photo has to provoke a sense and there is nothing better than to capture an emotional moment, outside poses or flattering gestures. The interaction between its members and the signs of affection can not be lacking in a family portrait.

The love of a mother and her daughter.
And so far the post today, I hope you have helped, and now you see a little easier this portraying a family or your own. I hope I have not left anything, but if you have any questions, do not hesitate to leave your comment. Thank you very much for reaching the end and, if you liked, share it;). See you soon!