12 Photo Purposes For The Next Year

12 Photo Purposes for the Next Year

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The end of the year is approaching and with it the beginning of the next, loaded with good intentions; desire to perfect ourselves and, surely, a long list of things to improve, to resume, to start from scratch. To lose weight, to go to the gym, to quit smoking, to read more, to go to bed earlier, to go out more to the mountain and a few million more, depending on each challenge, person, need, and taste.

I do not know if there will be something related to your favorite hobby among your list of things, or simply because you gave up to make lists (like me but you have it or not, the desire to improve and to learn should be a goal of all The year and, if yours is photography, this is a good opportunity to challenge yourself to learn and improve

12 Photo Purposes for the Next Year

  1. Launches photographic project

This is one of my favorites for several reasons, first because we forced to play second because we forced to be responsible, third because we motivated to improve, fourth, because we see our own evolution and learn from our mistakes. Hardly anything, right? A project can be a photo a day or a week; the important thing is to have some compromise and not letting it go.

  1. Get Started with Photo Challenges

You know that here on the blog we have a Challenge Weekly, every week with a different theme, and seven days to prepare and go out and find your best shot. It is a perfect opportunity to practice and learn new things, and to force you to fulfill your photographic project a picture a week

However, if you like challenges, fortunately you are not the only one, and social networks are full of them. Some type contests, others for the simple pleasure of participating and / or seeing your featured image above the rest.

  1. Take a photography course

Personally, I admire self-taught people; those who strive to learn and improve themselves. Lovers of photography always have to be a little at some time, because it requires a lot of trial-error and lots of practice. However, I also think that being self-taught requires a lot of time and is very lonely. Therefore, I always recommend doing a good photography course that gives you the basis techniques or compositional needed to boot a flexible and motivating. And there are not only courses for beginners, there are of all levels and topics and in all formats: Online, face-to-face, etcetera.

  1. Try something new

Surely it sounds like it is now so fashionable to leave the comfort zone, right? Well, in photography the more you know the better, there is no doubt, the more you stimulate your learning, the more resources, the more imagination, and the more motivation and, in short, better photos

So you know, give a chance to other styles, to other techniques. Have you tried to Street Photography ?, With macro photography ?, How landscape photography ?, With the portrait ?, With Light painting ?, With the photograph of stars ?, With the moon and the sun ?, And millions more topics  that can help you improve and progress as a photographer / a.

  1. Print your favorite images

I will not tire of saying that the photographs are made to be seen. And I’m the first one to postpone the subject on paper copies for a thousand and one excuses, for a thousand and one lack of time, for laziness and a long etcetera, but the truth is that putting all work, all illusion, all history and The memory behind each of the images on the hard drive is the worst thing you can do.

There are millions of supports within your reach to give them light: canvases, photo books, posters, or a simple frame. The important thing is that you enjoy them that are what we do for them, right?

  1. Learn to use manual mode

This is a good time to propose. I assure you that if you knew the benefits it can bring you use the manual mode you would not be waiting still manual mode, believe it or not, has all the answers to those questions you’ve been doing since you left seduced by photography. How you can freeze a drop, or leave a trail of movement, how we can blur the background, and almost everything you can think of, you can do it in manual. So, if you just have to pick a purpose from the list, I recommend you make this one.

  1. Learn to use the external flash of the camera

Many times we end up hating the built-in flash of our camera (generally not for lack of reason), we abhor red eyes, burnt areas of the image, the dark background, the expressions of whom we portray, and we definitely discard the flash of our life . But the truth is that the external flash has nothing, nothing to do with that comes built into your camera. The external flash is everything you dreamed of flash before being deeply disappointed. The external flash gives you faith, you see, do you dare?

  1. Black and White

It is not mandatory nor much less, you may be chili or you do not say anything, but apart from the aesthetic and what can potentially transmit to everyone, the truth is that the black and white is not only absence of color it is also a great helper when learning composition . Since the strip images color strength, they must be supported much more in the other elements, mainly in how they are distributed in the frame, or what is also known as composition.

Give black and white a try

  1. Introduce yourself to a contest

Yeah, why not? Do not you think you’re going to win? Because if you do not try you’ll never know. Think you’re never good enough, there’s always someone better than you and better than the one you think is better than you. But that is the magic of photography. Always, there is always room for improvement, that does not mean that for once and a photo, you cannot be the best or the second best or third best or the best runners – up

  1. Share your images

The photo is made to be seen, so share your images; you can do it in some social network or create your own online photo gallery. The moral is that you do not keep your pretty pictures just for you photographers are an enthusiastic community that we love to share and learn from others. If social networks do not get excited and want to start to carve out a professional future or just want to expose your photos without having to give your image rights, try to set up your own online photo gallery . Mario you explained it very well in this article.

  1. Order all your photos

What laziness, huh But believe me, the more you leave it the more lazy it will give you, so the sooner you get to it, the better. Having ordered the images reduces the risk of losing some for a scandal and in the long run saves you a lot of time. And, besides, if you’re lazy, what better than to do it in the heat of Christmas?

  1. The camera with you whenever you can

If in life nobody gives you anything, in photography even less! So no fuss on the couch to lament for not being good enough or good enough. Of that nothing, the photographs have to be made, manufactured, not hunted or appear by magic. A good photograph is made, and I assure you it is not done from the sofa. Going out opens our mind, puts us to the test, gives us moments if we are ready to see them, makes us improvise, takes us out of our comfort zone, teaches us. Because the only way to learn photography, I’m sorry, is practicing it.

What do you think? Do you stay with one? With more than one? I hope you have been useful. If so, please share them so that we can reach as many photographers and photographers as possible. Thank you very much and until next time

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